Final Fantasy 14 Introduces New Viper Class and Collaborates with Final Fantasy 11 and 16

Square Enix made several new announcements at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2023 in London to provide a deeper look at the upcoming expansion, Dawntrail. This includes a new Viper job as well as a Final Fantasy XI crossover raid and a Final Fantasy XVI crossover called “The Path Infernal”. In addition, an open beta test for the Xbox Series X|S version is planned for mid-January to February 2024.

The Viper class focuses on close combat with two one-handed weapons, but they can be combined into a single two-handed weapon. Its purpose is to quickly cause devastating damage.

The crossover raid with Final Fantasy XI is called Echoes of Vana’dielwhich is named after the world in which the game is set. The Final Fantasy XVI crossover consists of a series of quests that allow players to face Ifrit and obtain their own Torgal mount. Protagonist Clive Rosfield will also join the players. More information about the expansion will be announced at the next Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival, taking place in Tokyo in January.

The Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail expansion is scheduled to release sometime in summer 2024 for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The upcoming expansion includes a number of additional features such as: B. a Fall Guys collaboration, an increase in the level cap from 90 to 100, several new jobs, new dungeons and new equipment. This is also the first time in almost 10 years that Xbox players will have access to the game.

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