Five essential tips for Lords of the Fallen that could have made my journey less challenging

The wait is over. Lords of the Fallen is now available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. The Soulslike from Hexworks and CI Games has arrived to make us suffer twice, since its main characteristic is the duality of its worlds: Axiom, belonging to the living, and Umbral, realm of the dead.

It is a demanding souls experience that can sometimes be overwhelming while on the road. Although it takes many things from FromSoftware and other games of the genre, it adds its own elements and a duality of worlds mechanic that has more to it than it seems. I tell you five things you should know about Lords of the Fallen before plunging into his monstrous nightmare.

Duality of Worlds: Axiom and Threshold

The first thing you should keep in mind is that Lords of the Fallen It’s a conventional soulslike as such. This is because its world has two versions with different structural designs. Umbral not only changes aesthetically and as enemies compared to Axiom, but physically it is also different.

The need to advance will mean that from time to time we will have to necessarily go to the world of the dead and then return using effigies or Vestiges. Additionally, Umbral has very different rules than Axiom. Our natural place is Axiom, so we are not welcome in Threshold (not even when we arrive at death) and our presence does not go unnoticed. If we spend too much time there, enemies appear more regularly and an elite enemy will end up hunting us. And to top it all off, Axiom’s enemies are also in Threshold.

In short: think carefully about things before entering Threshold and try to get out as quickly as possible. Don’t make the mistake of believing that you can last all the time in the world to get more Vigor and powerful equipment, because eventually you will fall due to attrition. And don’t plant Umbral Vestiges (with seeds) like crazy!

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Classes and ranged damage

Another of the interesting sections of Lords of the Fallen is that it has a specific system for ranged weapons and thrown objects. There are several classes focused on magical and pyromantic damage (Oriusan Preacher and Pyric Acolyte respectively), but we can also specialize in ranged damage with conventional weapons such as bows and crossbows with the Blackfeather Guard.

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If you are thinking of creating a ranged damage build, something highly recommended if you are going to play cooperatively with a friend, then you must take into account three very important points:

All weapons have requirements of statistics, so make sure to always boost the indicated ones. How to detect them? They have a whitish effect to highlight them in the menu where the statistics are leveled up. If you do not meet the requirements, the weapon’s effectiveness will be minimal.
They have ammunition. Those who opt for this type of build must have the ability to manage their inventory and ensure that they always have ammunition available. It can be obtained through ammo bags (which appear anywhere) or by purchasing directly from merchants through Vigor. The ideal is to get a melee weapon so as not to spend so much or be completely unprotected. The ranged weapons system has its own space in the interface and menus. The throws alternate with the use of the Umbral Lamp. Take this into account when performing quick actions or eliminating enemies from Axiom with it.

Ranged Weapons Lords

Souls of the Chiefs

A very interesting feature of Lords of the Fallen It has to do with what we know in Dark Souls like the Souls of the Chiefs. In Lies of P it is called Ergo and in this case Evocations. All souls have their specific dealer for these songs, including the title at hand.

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Lords Souls Bosses

The man who exchanges Evocations for equipment is located on one of the sides of the Cathedral, which serves as a base or link in the game. The room is full of moths in Axiom, indicating that it is necessary to go to Threshold to deal with said merchant. Once with it, you will see that the system is slightly different… something I greatly appreciated.

Evocations give us access to the bosses’ equipment: armor, weapons and magic; but we are not obliged to choose a single piece and play New Game+ to access the rest. Here we can buy all the pieces that each boss offers with a currency called Umbral Remnant.

Multiplayer: cooperative and PVP

Lords of the Fallen It can be played alone without problems, but the experience certainly improves a lot with other players. It has both cooperative and PVP (through invasions) with crossplay or cross-platform play. In addition, we can directly invite our friends and it is non-stop, which means that it does not kick us out after defeating a boss in the game.

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The available classes allow us to make different synergies. For example: a Shining sorcerer who casts healing and damage spells along with a barbarian to act as a tank or an agile soldier with a spear to keep his distance and a rogue to attack quickly and retreat. The options are very varied.

Playing both cooperative and PVP has its rewards in the form of Vigor (souls), all kinds of objects while we explore (being able to drop some on the ground) and valuable coins such as Threshold Scraps. Additionally, each mode has its own exclusive currency, which we can donate for rewards at two different altars in the main base.

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How Statistics Work in Lords of the Fallen

It is important to be clear about how the character’s statistics work so as not to end up distributing level points like crazy. Remember that the cost of Vigor increases as levels increase. And although there are objects to redistribute points, it is better to do it right from the beginning.

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As I mentioned, Lords of the Fallen It highlights the base statistics of each class, but that does not mean that we should add crazy points to these. Mixed builds are very common and quite useful, and making them involves knowing exactly what each stat does. Well here you have it:

Force– Increases physical attack power, defensive stats and resistances.
Agility– Increases physical attack power, defensive stats and resistances.
Fortitude– Increases stamina, weight, defensive stats and resistances.
Vitality– Increases health, weight, defensive stats and resistances.
Radiance– Increases mana, defensive stats and resistances.
Hell– Increases mana, defensive stats and resistances.
Attack/Blocking Power and Defensive Stats: physical, fire, sacred and atrophy
Resistors: punishment, bleeding, burn, ignition, frost and poison.

Shields, armor pieces, amulets, rings, and some spells can boost both attack/blocking power, damage mitigation, and resistances. And to top it off: some weapons, ammunition and spells have different types of damage: bleeding, poison, burning… In short: everything contributes to improving the character’s statistics.

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