Five Unbreakable Construction Games: Building Success Step by Step

Five Unbreakable Construction Games: Building Success Step by Step

It is not always necessary to “swarm”: Modern building strategy games have long abandoned the cuddly factor of old representatives of the genre like “Die Siedler”. What makes them different?

Berlin – From the industrial revolution to uncertain visions of the future to the relaxed history of a village. Let’s recall five outstanding PC and console games that reflect all facets of the proven genre of construction games.

1) « Anno 1800 ».

For more than 20 years, the “Anno” game series has been one of the most popular strategy and construction games in our country. After a few forays into the future, the series returns to its roots with “Anno 1800”. The return to ancient virtues delights old and new fans alike with a demanding gameplay principle and magnificent visual achievement.

“Anno 1800” takes place during the time of the industrial revolution. Players populate an island world, build homes and economic buildings, and trade with their neighbors. It goes without saying that competition can sometimes cause big problems.

To succeed in “Anno 1800”, players must keep a cool head and not get distracted by the romance of the island and the hustle and bustle of the inhabitants. The developers from Ubisoft Mainz have succeeded in a complete game that makes fans of the genre almost happy.

Each game mechanism is well thought out, the use is surprisingly accessible for such a complex game principle and the visual achievement is a reference in the genre. It is therefore not surprising that several expansions have been released in the meantime and that the game has been showered with awards. This year, the console version was released on PS5 and Xbox Series.

To play because: If you want to have your say in the genre, you can’t miss “Anno 1800”. In terms of construction, the game has the same value as “The Lord of the Rings” in literature or “The Godfather” in the cinema. You have to know him. (“Anno 1800”, Ubisoft, for Windows, PS5, Xbox Series. USK from 6)

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2. “The traveling village”

A building strategy with an ecological message: instead of constantly seeking the greatest profit, the game from Swiss development studio Stray Fawn is about joint survival in an uncertain future. A game concept that hits the mark: in 2022, it won the prize for best game at the Deutscher Entwicklerpreis.

The original starting point: At some point in the future, research wiped out life on the planet. Only a handful of survivors travel the country in search of the last intact corner of land. Their hope is the megasaur Onbu, on whose back they travel the country and even build their small village there.

Instead of exploiting the land and the people, they must save their resources and keep Onbu in a good mood: Indeed, if the animal rebels, it simply stops and refuses all orders. Unlike the big competition in the strategy-building genre, “The Wandering Village” emphasizes cohabitation and not constant competition for gold and resources.

Players must often take the will of the great Onbu into account in their decisions to survive. They can’t do without him, but he also can’t do without the humans who constantly feed him. This makes “The Wandering Village” a hopeful game, but far from easy. Even connoisseurs of the genre sometimes risk losing their teeth on this end-of-the-world odyssey on the back of a giant dinosaur.

To play because: “The Wandering Village” brings a breath of fresh air and an intelligent ecological message to a genre that has proven itself, without neglecting the playful challenge. (“The Wandering Village”, Stray Fawn Studio, for Windows, Linux, MacOS, SteamOS and Xbox Series. USK from 6).

3. « Frostpunk »

There’s hardly anything to laugh about here. This construction strategy game from Polish development studio 11 Bit takes place in a dark future and confronts players with almost impossible choices. It’s as oppressive as it is stimulating.

“Frostpunk” takes place somewhere in the future. A new ice age has pushed humans back into a small crater where they are trying to build their new home. Food is scarce, life-threatening diseases are rampant. As the city’s leader, players must decide whether to establish a radical police state or indulge in religious fanaticism.

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Good decisions are rare, each path has its own dark sides. But time is running out: The life-saving heat generator must be built before the next snowstorm. It sounds bleak, and it is. It’s not for nothing that 11 Bit calls “Frostpunk” a “survival and construction strategy.”

And few games take their storyline so seriously: even a victory is paved with numerous moral stumbling blocks that will occupy players for a long time to come. A smart, thoughtful game about the value of life.

To play because: “Frostpunk” is serious. It’s dark and violent for the genre, but rarely have players been able to feel the consequences of their decisions like here. A smart and challenging building strategy, for fans who want more than “just playing”. (“Frostpunk”, 11 Bit Studios, for Windows, PS4, Xbox One and MacOS. USK from 16 years old).

4. “Village romanticism”

Coming out of nowhere, “Dorfromantik” has conquered the gaming world. The small German development studio Toukana Interactive skillfully mixes elements of construction strategy and card gaming to make it an incredibly motivating time-eater that never lets go. not the players anytime soon.

The principle of the game is reminiscent of the classic board game “Carcassonne”: players draw terrain cards from a pile and place them under certain conditions on meadows, towns and rivers. The bigger the city and the bigger the river, the more points and extra cards you get. Completing certain mission objectives, such as building a particularly large city, earns extra points.

When all the cards are used, we count down. It’s as simple as it is brilliant. Yes, access is easy, but if you want to get to the top of the high score list, you have to plan your town planning intelligently and hope to get lucky on the maps. No one can escape the accessible and motivating gameplay principle of “Dorfromantik”.

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Old, young and experienced players alike can look forward to some exciting games. In 2021, “Dorfromantik” not only received the German Developer Award for Best Game, but can also look forward to an extremely successful board game variant, which itself was voted Game of the Year in 2023.

To play because: Will another game be okay? Once you start playing “Dorfromantik”, you can’t do without it. The motivating mix of building strategy and card play is ideal for a “game of two”. (“Dorfromantik”, Toukana Interactive, for Windows and Nintendo Switch. USK from 0).

5) “Ballads of Hongye”.

Developer Seasun Games sends players as city builders in medieval China. Between the undulating treetops and contemporary architecture, they work to build their urban empire, which grows with each successful mission. In principle, fans can expect a classic construction strategy game in the style of “Anno”: buildings create housing and jobs, trade chains bring in the necessary money, and new technologies make work easier .

However, “Ballads of Hongye” brings some new features. Thus, the buildable region only expands after the successful completion of certain missions and advisors provide bonuses for construction speed and research. An optional time limit makes managing city construction a tricky task. It is both exciting and challenging.

Fans should not be fooled by the enchanting miniature-looking graphics and attention to visual detail – “Ballads of Hongye” is a true piece of building strategy. Seasun Games not only offers something for the eyes, but also a well-thought-out and challenging game system. A real favorite for fans of construction strategy.

To play because: Beautiful, beautiful, “Ballads of Hongye”. The unusual storyline and superb graphics make this strategy and construction game set in ancient China a gem in the highly competitive genre market. “Ballads of Hongye”, Seasun Games, for Windows. USK not verified) dpa