Follow the creative ecosystem originating from Toranomon! Highlights of “TOKYO NODE” opening event | Latest

It will finally open on October 6th.Toranomon Hills station tower. Of particular interest is the complex information dissemination facility located at the top.TOKYO NODE“is. The facility, which has an area of ​​approximately 10,000 square meters and includes an event hall, gallery, restaurant, and rooftop garden, will serve as a “node” that organically connects all areas while responding to changes in society and the times. Our mission is to become the engine that creates


The key to creating this node is TOKYO NODE LAB, a co-creation hub where innovative players gather to conduct joint research.

It consists of three spaces: a co-working space that can be used by participating companies and creators, “TOKYO NODE VOLUMETRIC VIDEO STUDIO”, a volumetric video studio that can perform XR live streaming, and “TOKYO NODE CAFE”, a cafe and bar located at the entrance of TOKYO NODE. In this laboratory, it is possible to promote various projects all at once, from prototyping and research and development to production and information dissemination.

The Japanese version of “WIRED” also participated as an initial member of TOKYO NODE LAB, which is a base for co-creation across fields such as business, art, technology, and entertainment.

Aiming to create “a space that serves as a stage for a value creation system that is transmitted from Tokyo/Japan to the world,” “a community in which talents from across industries and fields participate,” and “construction of digital technology that expands the experience of using cities and spaces.” There is.

TOKYO NODE, where TOKYO NODE LAB is based, is planning to hold various opening events in conjunction with its opening. This time, we would like to pick up some of them and introduce their highlights.

Completely new product from Rhizomatiks & ELEVENPLAY

The first event to commemorate the museum’s opening will be an opening exhibition by Rhizomatiks, led by Daito Manabe and Moto Ishibashi, and the dance company “ELEVENPLAY”, led by director and choreographer MIKIKO.“Syn: A new horizon of physical sensation” by Rhizomatiks × ELEVENPLAY“is. This is the world’s first immersive performance in TOKYO NODE GALLERY, a huge exhibition space with 45 floors above ground, a maximum height of 15 meters, and a total area of ​​approximately 1,500 square meters.

This work is an immersive space that transforms one after another through elaborate stage design that combines video and technology, allowing each audience member to stand at the same perspective as the 24 real dancers that appear in front of them, and listen to the story that unfolds non-verbally. and then make a selection. Rhizomatiks and ELVENPLAY have been exploring expressions where cutting-edge technology and the human body overlap through many collaborations. This completely new work is a stage where various boundaries, such as performer and audience, body and technology, and interpretation of the story, fluctuate and intersect, creating a creative experience that encourages whole-body sensory thinking in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). It should be an experience.

Possibilities of “Volumetric Video Studio”

In addition, the conference event “TOKYO NODE HALL” on the 46th floor will be held for two days, October 10th (Tuesday) and October 11th (Wednesday).TOKYO NODE : OPEN LAB“is. TOKYO NODE LAB participating companies, ongoing projects, and creators from various genres gather to think about the future while discussing new ideas that connect all fields at a high level: cities, technology, art, entertainment, business. I will do it.

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