Game Empress Confirms Free and Paid DLC for Alan Wake 2 Post-Launch

Alan Wake 2 is getting a lot of help even after it comes out, with both free and paid extra content. This news was shared at EGX, and it means that even after the game comes out, there will be more cool things to enjoy, keeping gamers entertained for a while.

Remedy Entertainment made a game called Alan Wake in 2010, and critics really liked it. Now, after more than ten years, they’re making a second part called Alan Wake 2. This time, there are two main characters: the famous writer Alan Wake from the first game is back, and there’s a new character, FBI detective Saga Anderson.

Sam Lake, the creative director of Alan Wake 2 at Remedy Entertainment, shared some news about the game’s future in a recent interview. After the game comes out, there will be some free extra content that he says will be quite important.

There are also two expansions you can buy called Night Springs and Lake House. Although there isn’t a lot of information about these add-ons yet, Sam Lake promised that more details will be revealed shortly after Alan Wake 2 is released at the end of October.

Alan Wake 2 is going to be super exciting. It’s confirmed to have a lot more content than the first game. According to Remedy, the game will last more than 20 hours, making it one of their longest games ever. And that doesn’t even include the extra stuff you can get with paid DLC.

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Image Source Remedy Entertainment

To give you an idea, the main story of Control takes about 10 to 12 hours, and the original Alan Wake is around 11 hours if you stick to the main story. So, Alan Wake 2 is not only going to be twice as big as the first one but will also get awesome updates with DLC after it’s launched.

Alan Wake 2 is ready to launch, and Remedy Entertainment(the creators) is sharing more about the game. They recently told us that the game will have a Performance Mode for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

At first, they were making Alan Wake 2 run at 30 frames per second (FPS). But now, they’re giving players the choice to play at 60 FPS, even though it means the graphics might not be as sharp. This option seems to make a lot of gamers happy, and that’s why the team decided to include it when the game comes out.

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