Game*Spark Releases New Game Pass Lineup for Second Half of October, Featuring “Cities: Skylines II” and Remake of “Dead Space”

Microsoft has released to overseas users the compatible lineup of Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, subscription services that offer unlimited play of hundreds of eligible games, which will be added by late October.

This time, as a new work that will be supported from the first day of release, the city construction simulation sequel “Cities: Skylines II”, rhythm action online battle royale “Headbangers: Rhythm Royale”, climbing action “Jusant” are scheduled to be supported.

PC version arrives first – new game “Cities: Skylines II”

From October 24th, ““, which has gained overwhelming support from players since its first release in 2015, has become a new synonym for city construction simulation.Cities: SkylinesThe PC version of the sequel “II” will finally be released on the first day of release. This work is said to increase the depth of the simulation, allowing you to enjoy sophisticated economic elements and unlimited degrees of freedom. It is scheduled to be released by Sega in Japan.

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Xbox Series X|S version will be released in spring 2024

Initially, it was planned to release the PC and Xbox Series This time, only the PC version will be released and supported.

Released with performance issues remaining

Along with the above announcement, the minimum and recommended specifications have also been raised, and the recommended requirements are now particularly strict, with the minimum GPU being GTX970 and the recommended being RTX3080.Regarding this on October 16thnew statementannounced. As of now, performance has not met the performance goals, and although the PC version will be released with some issues, it has been announced that improvements will be made over the next few months.

Mods are deployed on publisher platforms

The first game was user-created MOD content that was very popular in the Steam workshop, but the sequel has been changed to be provided by the publisher’s new mod platform Paradox Mods. As a result, the console version will be able to enjoy the same MOD content as the PC version.

New rhythm battle trois “Headbangers: Rhythm Royale

On October 31st, the new work “Pigeon” will be released, in which pigeon characters will engage in a rhythm action battle royale.Headbangers: Rhythm Royale” will appear on the first day of release.

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Battle Pass + Crossplay

In this game, players play the role of a pigeon, joining up to 30 other participants as they aim to make it through four rounds consisting of one of 23 rhythm games.

Hundreds of items are also available to customize the appearance of the distinctive pigeon character. In addition to using a battle pass system with item rewards, the game also supports cross-platform play.

New climbing action “Jusant” presented by DON’T NOD

Jusant, a new single-player action adventure game that aims to reach the top of a towering tower, will also be available from October 31st on its first day of release. The development isLife is Strange” DON’T NOD is known for the series.

Steam currently has a trial version that also supports Japanese.Currently being distributed until the product version is released. When playing with the recommended controller, the triggers mimic each hand, and you can hit the Harken where you want it and climb the tower as a lifeline while grasping and releasing the grip, creating an interesting environment. You can experience it.

Remake version of “Dead Space” released

On October 26th, the remake version “Dead Space‘ appears. Although it is not released in the Japanese market,Includes JapaneseIt has been.

Activision Blizzard title coming in 2024

It was announced on October 13th that Activision Blizzard and King have officially joined the Xbox family, but Phil Spencer, who oversees the Xbox business, said that all related titles will not be released until 2024. This was revealed on the 18th by Mr.

During delivery

Ryu ga Gotoku Restoration!very” (Cloud/PC/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One)

October 19th

F1 Manager 2023” (Cloud/PC/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One)

October 24th

Cities: Skylines II』(PC)

October 26th

“Dead Space (2023)” (EA Play/Cloud/PC/Xbox Series X|S)

October 26th

『Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery』(クラウド/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One)

October 26th

Mineko night market” (Cloud/PC/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One)

October 31st

Headbangers: Rhythm Royale” (Cloud/PC/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One)

October 31st

Jusant” (Cloud/PC/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One)

Titles that will no longer be supported on October 31st

  • Gunfire Reborn(Cloud/PC/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One)

  • Kill It With Fire(Cloud/PC/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One)

  • persona 5 the royal(Cloud/PC/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One)

  • signaled(Cloud/PC/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One)

  • Solasta Crown of the Magister(Cloud/PC/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One)

For details on how to join “PC Game Pass” and “Xbox Game Pass”This official websiteThe list of compatible titles ishereYou can check from.

For “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” subscribers who can play not only on a PC or game console, but also with a reasonably fast internet connection and a smartphone or tablet streamingRegarding the use ofhereRegarding whether or not it supports touch operations without the need for a controller.herePlease check the “Input/Touch Control” filter.

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