Germany Also Embraces the Success of Assassin’s Creed

Which games were bought particularly frequently in German retailers last week? An answer to this is provided by GfK’s manageable rankings, which particularly often mention the latest Ubisoft adventure.

Germany Also Embraces the Success of Assassin’s Creed

The latest game charts from Germany are here and reveal which games were sold most frequently in retail stores last week.

Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed Mirage”, which took the lead on several platforms, was particularly successful. On the PS5, the action-adventure even managed to relegate “EA Sports FC 24” to second place, while the title was on the British market failed because of this.

“Assassin’s Creed Mirage” even achieved a double lead on the Xbox Series And the title was also successful on the PS4, but couldn’t get past “EA Sports FC 24”.

Ubisoft today announced the first success figures for “Assassin’s Creed Mirage” and emphasized that the title was able to break an internal record.

EA Sports FC 24 and Hogwarts Legacy successful on other platforms

The top spots in the sales charts on the Xbox One went to “Hogwarts Legacy” and “Grand Theft Auto 5” in the Premium Edition, while “EA Sports FC 24” and “Detective Pikachu Returns” were able to dominate on the Switch.

The PC charts, in turn, make it clear that the GfK charts are only of very limited significance, as the much more important digital market is left out. Undoubtedly, “Farming Simulator 22” is very popular. But other titles play a more important role in the charts of the digital platforms.

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Not included in the tables: “NHL 24” was able to enter fifth place in the PS5 charts. The sports game landed at number 6 in the PS4 charts last week.

German game charts from the previous week:


  1. (neu) Assassin’s Creed Mirage – Deluxe Edition
  2. (1) EA Sports FC 24
  3. (neu) Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Xbox Series X/S:

  1. (neu) Assassin’s Creed Mirage – Deluxe Edition
  2. (neu) Assassin’s Creed


  1. (1) EA Sports FC 24
  2. (neu) Assassin’s Creed Mirage – Deluxe Edition

Xbox One:

  1. (1) Hogwarts Legacy
  2. (2) GTA 5 – Premium Edition

Nintendo Switch:

  1. (1) EA Sports FC 24
  2. (new) Detective Pikachu returns

PC Games:

  1. (1) Farming Simulator 22 – Platinum Edition
  2. (Re)Farming Simulator 22

Further reports on DE charts.

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