Get ready for some high-speed action with “Sonic Superstars”! The evolved 2D side-scrolling adventure of “Sonic” is now available for sale.

At the same time, a launch trailer has been released to commemorate the release.

The announcement information is posted below.

Completely new series! “Sonic Superstars” released today!

“Sonic Superstars” is a completely new high-speed action game that maintains the gameplay feel of the 2D side-scrolling “Sonic”, but has been enhanced with 3D graphics.

The new adventure for Sonic and his friends Tails, Knuckles, and Emmy is set on the mysterious North Star Islands, an island inhabited by giant creatures. Use your new ability “Emerald Power” to confront Dr. Eggman and Fang, who plan to capture giant creatures for their own ambitions!

Get ready for some high-speed action with “Sonic Superstars”! The evolved 2D side-scrolling adventure of “Sonic” is now available for sale.

“Sonic Superstars” 4 points

Advanced 2D side scrolling “Sonic”

2D horizontal scrolling has evolved greatly with unique new zones expressed in beautiful graphics, new songs, and systems! You can fully enjoy a new gaming experience while retaining the action unique to Sonic. It can be enjoyed not only by fans of the Sonic series, but also by first-timers.

Introducing some of the “zones” where Sonic and his friends adventure!

・Speed ​​Jungle
Following Fang, they arrive at a dark jungle overgrown with giant ivy. Enjoy high-speed action by sliding down the giant vines! In dense jungle areas, it may suddenly turn pitch black. Sonic’s exclusive ACT is also available, allowing you to enjoy a thrilling chase with Fang!

・Pinball Carnival
A lively amusement park where you can enjoy brightly colored neon lights and fireworks. It looks like a fun amusement park during the day, but at night it takes on an eerie atmosphere…? There are plenty of fun attractions unique to Sonic, such as pinball and roller coasters! At the back of the zone, Eggman’s colossus awaits Sonic and his friends.

・Cyber ​​Station
A mysterious digital world where everything is pixelated. In this digital space, Sonic and his friends are also transformed into pixels! Transform into jellyfish, rats, rockets (!?), etc., and conquer the gimmicks unique to the digital world!

Unique playable characters

In Sonic Superstars, not only Sonic, but also his friends Tails, Knuckles, and Emmy appear as playable characters.

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In addition to basic actions such as jump and high-speed spin “spin dash,” Sonic has unique actions such as “drop dash,” Tails “flight,” Knuckles “glide” and “wall climb,” and Emmy “hammer attack.” have the skills. Make full use of each skill to face your old enemies Dr. Eggman and Fang, as well as new enemies!

New power “Emerald Power”

In this work, a new ability “Emerald Power” will be released every time you acquire a Chaos Emerald at a special stage hidden within ACT.

After activation, an ability can be used multiple times within the time limit. It becomes unusable after the time limit expires, but it can be activated again if you pass the point marker. Proactively use “Emerald Power” to advance your adventure smoothly!

Introducing some of the emerald powers!

This ability allows many alter egos of the controlled character to appear, defeating destructible objects and enemies, and acquiring rings and items.

Your character will be able to turn into a fireball and rush forward in the specified direction. It can be used as many times as you like within the time limit.

You will be able to discover hidden terrain and rings within ACT.

You can grow vines and move from where your character is standing. While the vines are growing, you can control the direction in which they grow.

Let’s all have fun together!multiplayer

This game is the first in the series to support offline multiplayer, allowing up to four people to cooperate in story mode, and “battle mode” can be enjoyed both offline and online.

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In online battle mode, you can enjoy battles with up to 8 players from all over the world with various rules.

“LEGO Sonic Skin” in collaboration with the LEGO Group is now available as DLC for free!

“LEGO Sonic Skin”, a collaboration with the LEGO Group, is now available as free downloadable content (DLC). Once reflected, you can switch Sonic to “Lego Sonic” and play. Enjoy your Northstar Islands adventure with special skins!

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