Get the Street Fighter 6 Collector’s Edition for a little over $60 or the Deluxe Edition available now for just $43

Many of you here may already own a copy of Street Fighter 6, but if you don’t or perhaps are looking to double dip with some extra goodies, now might be the time to do so.

You can currently purchase the big Mad Gear box Collector’s Edition of SF6 for just over $60 while the Deluxe Edition can be found for less than the price of the retail game.

GameStop is currently holding their Pro Week containing a bunch of deals and promotions in the stores and across the website.

That includes 75% off of some new games, and that happens to include the biggest bundles for Street Fighter 6.

Instead of shelling out $250 USD, the Mad Gear box is marked all the way down to $62.50, which is a pretty darn nice deal considering it includes the game, Kimberly + Luke statues, Year 1 Ultimate Pass and everything else for fans.

Currently, the deal is live for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of the Collector’s Edition, however, you’ll need to find a store where they’re available considering ship to home no longer appears to be an option for them.

At the same time, Amazon is selling the digital Deluxe Edition of SF6 for 50% off for the PlayStation 4 version only.

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So that’s $42.50 for the base game and Year 1 Character Pass, which can be upgraded to the PS5 version.

GameStop’s Pro Week is set to last through October 14, but supplies are certainly going to be limited for these deals while the Amazon sale could end at pretty much any time.

These deals are only confirmed available for the United States as well, so other regions may have different sales or none at all.