Google’s “Pixel Watch 2” product review: Equipped with all the features you wanted from the first generation | Latest

There were many complaints about Google’s first smartwatch, the Pixel Watch. It lacked many features expected from a $350 (starting at 39,800 yen in Japan) wearable device.

But over the past year, Google has made good on its promise to regularly add new features to its smartwatches and improve its products.Newly released「Pixel Watch 2」Right out of the box, you get all the features you’ve come to expect from the first model. You did it!

However, they do not want any changes to the design. There are a lot of smartwatches out there, but they’re all kind of boring. The Pixel Watch and its successors are by far the most elegant smartwatches. I really like the smooth pebble-like dome glass design.However, the variety of straps has finally increased this time, but all of them are unbelievable.It’s expensive

It is extremely comfortable to wear. This doesn’t mean the original Pixel Watch was uncomfortable to wear. Last year’s model had a stainless steel case, but this year’s model uses recycled aluminum. Google claims this makes the Pixel Watch 2 about 10% lighter and more comfortable to wear than previous models.

However, I don’t feel that there is a huge difference. Honestly, I prefer stainless steel because of its durability. Besides, if that’s the case, I’d be happy if they lowered the price a little. Or, I wouldn’t mind if they adopted a sapphire crystal to protect the screen. Or they could let you choose the material like Apple does.

I wish there were more than two size options, like many other smartwatch manufacturers offer. However, please make no mistake here. The Pixel Watch’s 41mm case is nice enough, but if you can get longer battery life by making the case bigger, then go for it.

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The biggest drawback is that it cannot be repaired.

After wearing the original Pixel Watch regularly for a year, there were only a few minor scratches on the glass surface. It’s also a wound that can’t be seen unless you look at it very closely. The durability of the Pixel Watch 2 will probably be about the same.

However, I can’t ignore the biggest drawback of this smartwatch.cannot be repairedNoda. If you have a hardware issue, your only option is to contact Google support.If the problem is still not resolved, and within the 1 year warranty period,The product will have to be replaced.

I don’t understand why “Pixel” series smartphones have a 7-year warranty, but smartwatches only have a 3-year warranty, and there are also few repair options (the “Pixel” series warranty only comes with a software warranty). as well as hardware, which is related to the U.S. “right to repair”new regulations).