Grand Theft Auto 6?: Report: Netflix wants to secure a GTA through a deal! Latest

From a reputable source, a wild rumor is currently making the rounds in the video game scene: Streaming giant Netflix is ​​interested in Grand Theft Auto and wants to secure at least one game for its own platform. Maybe even Grand Theft Auto 6 in the end?

The usually well-informed and well-connected Wall Street Journal is currently making the gaming industry sit up and take notice, as streaming giant Netflix is ​​apparently continuing to intensify its efforts here. As the magazine reports, Netflix is ​​in talks with publisher Take-Two Interactive and developer Rockstar Games to secure licensing rights to the blockbuster Grand Theft Auto franchise.

According to that Wall Street Journal and sources contacted, Netflix “discussed plans to publish a game within Take-Two Interactive’s popular action-adventure series Grand Theft Auto via the Liznez deal.” Although some reporters on the Internet have taken this information somewhat out of context and are reporting it themselves, this is explicitly not supposed to be a completely new GTA game that is being developed under the direction of Netflix.

Rather, Netflix apparently simply wants to acquire the rights for a GTA game on its own platform. The streaming giant has now long since expanded into the gaming sector beyond film and series streaming and has a larger portfolio of games on offer for subscribers.

Incidentally, the report does not go into detail about which Grand Theft Auto it is ultimately supposed to be. However, the assumption is that this is the officially unannounced Grand Theft Auto 6, which has already been confirmed via leaks.

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GTA 6 is expected for Take-Two Interactive’s next fiscal year, as the company stated in a financial report that it expects a significant jump in sales of $2.5 billion. Such sales can almost only be achieved with the release of GTA 6, which is why the GTA community firmly believes that the launch is slowly but surely approaching and that the release will take place in the publisher’s next financial year.

Far from the efforts to get a GTA on Netflix, the report goes on to say that the streaming giant is planning to release a larger and broader range of mobile games on the platform. A lot can be expected in this regard in the coming months, including games based on the Korean hit thriller “Squid Game” and the supernatural comedy show “Wednesday”. In addition, games based on “Extraction”, Sherlock Holmes and “Black Mirror” should at least be discussed internally at Netflix.

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