Greek port project contributes to the improvement of career prospects – Global

Greek port project contributes to the improvement of career prospects – Global

Patricia Zigou

When Patritsia Zigou first heard the news about the Chinese company”s takeover of the Greek Piraeus Port, she found herself grappling with concerns about her future.

The uncertainty surrounding her career at the car terminal business unit and the potential cultural differences with the new management weighed heavily on her mind. However, as time passed, Zigou soon found the transition to be life-changing.

In 2015, one year before China’s shipping giant COSCO Shipping acquired a majority stake in Piraeus Port Authority, Zigou became a mother. And the thought of balancing family responsibilities with her career made her apprehensive.

However, as the years went by, she realized her initial concerns were unfounded. Her hard work and dedication were recognized and rewarded, putting her initial worries to rest.

“Personally, I saw a lot of development in my career under the Chinese management,” the 44-year-old said.” Starting as an employee in the billing sector of the car terminal, I progressed to become the head of the sector, followed by promotions to assistant manager a few years later and now I am the deputy manager.”

The Chinese company’s takeover brought about significant changes at Piraeus Port. Productivity soared, and the infrastructure underwent substantial upgrading and modernization. At the car terminal, Zigou witnessed firsthand the extensive investments made.

“For example, a new IT system was installed in November 2021, enhancing operational efficiency,” she said.

In addition to infrastructural enhancements, the Chinese management fostered a culture of open communication and mutual respect among staff members. “The Chinese management at Piraeus Port encourages all personnel, regardless of their position, to actively engage in their roles, take responsibility, and provide feedback,” she said.

Safety is also a priority for the Chinese management, with numerous measures implemented to enhance operational safety. “They have taken significant measures to enhance operational safety, including conducting training sessions, seminars, and issuing safety reminders through loudspeakers and signs. I believe these actions demonstrate the company’s genuine concern for its staff and their well-being,” Zigou said.

Reflecting on the overall impact of the Chinese company’s takeover, Zigou said it has injected vitality into Piraeus Port, infusing it with vibrancy and liveliness. She also said it creates “a lot of direct and indirect job opportunities and provides a boost” to the locals and national economy.

“So I believe that Piraeus Port is a perfect example of how two different countries can work effectively together, how we can learn from each other and exchange experiences while achieving great results together,” she said.


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