GTA 6: according to some, it will cost 150 dollars. But is it possible? Latest

Almost all sources of information related to the world of video games are reporting the rumor according to which Grand Theft Auto 6the next open world game from RockstarApr one cost per copy as high as 150 dollars. This is because production costs have increased dramatically over the years, with some reporting that they would even amount to 2 billion dollars.

We became aware of these rumors a few days ago, but we preferred not to report them because they were not confirmed and because they are too dystopian compared to what the video game industry has accustomed us to. A retail price of $150 would be completely out of the market, while a production cost of 2 billion would represent a real recorddetaching itself enormously from the more expensive productions we have today in the worlds of cinema and video games.

GTA 6: according to some, it will cost 150 dollars.  But is it possible?

However, after the noise that has been created about these statements, a reflection probably needs to be made. First of all, the gaming community is split: for some “shameful” such a price, but a good part justifies it. In recent years, Grand Theft Auto have been among the widest and most profound video games, without sacrificing quality, in some ways driving the entire video game industry. GTA 5In particular, it remained among the best-selling titles even several years after the release of the original version.

Some argue that assuming GTA 6 will deliver 150 hours of content, paying a dollar per hour would still be convenientconsidering the high quality that the product should offer. “I would be embarrassed if I had to admit how much I would be willing to pay for this game” wrote a user on Reddit. Another added that such a price would be “Disgusting”adding that he would pay for it anyway.

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Others, meanwhile, said such a price would be lethal for their wallets and who couldn’t afford it. In short, it seems unrealistic that Take-Two and Rockstar could ask so much for a copy of Grand Theft Auto 6 but, probably, after these reactions they might think about it seriously.

Grand Theft Auto in recent years has seen a production process that is very different from most other video games. Rockstar takes all the time necessary and releases a new chapter several years after the previous one, creating a real “event” which involves the entire video game industry. At the same time, the fact that these rumors do not correspond to reality seems to be confirmed by some rumors from the past according to which Rockstar would like to ensure that it avoids subjecting its staff to excessive stress in the development phases and increasing production costs.

Grand Theft Auto 6 became official in the early part of last yearbut Rockstar, to date, has not communicated any details on the game features nor has it released images or videos.