GTA 6: An extremely requested feature could finally appear Latest

Published: 2023-09-19T08:18:23

Update: 2023-09-19T08:18:31

A major new gameplay feature appears to have leaked for GTA 6 after years of requests, and it could make Vice City the most dynamic location in Grand Theft Auto history.

GTA 6 fans have been eagerly waiting for Rockstar to officially announce the game for a while. Even if the developer remains discreet on the details, the leaks have already fueled the hype around the game.

Last year, a massive hack resulted in early gameplay footage being leaked, revealing many details about the upcoming installment. And a year later, fans are still combing through every image for clues.

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One year later, a massive document containing everything that was leaked is circulating on the Internet, confirmed information that could have been missing including great details on Vice City.

A huge gameplay improvement in GTA 6?

In the document, fans discovered that GTA 6 was going to feature more accessible buildings than any other game in the franchise. Although the leaked images only show a handful of locations, they paint a very intriguing picture of what the full game will look like, with the ability for players to enter many new areas.

A big feature of GTA 6 will be the number of accessible buildings on offer. This will directly relate to theft and burglary, some of the main elements of the game’s core gameplay” says the document.

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Leaks so far have revealed that in addition to typical GTA buildings like bars, nightclubs, restaurants and strip clubs, players will also be able to enter new environments such as lenders pawnshops, supermarkets, apartments and laundromats.

Interestingly, pawn shops seem to be tied to another gameplay feature returning from GTA 5: burglaries. Only this time they are improved.

Surprisingly, the two protagonists, Jason and Lucia, both have ‘loot bags’ to hide money, gold and other items. Additionally, there is also a new option to loot vehicles.

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Of course, there will likely be even more gameplay mechanics that weren’t in the leaks, so this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to GTA 6 features.

As for when fans will finally be able to experience the game for themselves, so far Rockstar hasn’t even officially announced GTA 6 yet, but comments from Take-Two’s CEO suggest it could release from 2024.