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Being very clearly the game most anticipated by a large majority, GTA 6 is necessarily subject to big rumors, one of which seems quite implausible and should clearly be taken with a pinch of salt.

The problem with highly anticipated games is that they raise a lot of apprehensions and questions. So much so that sometimes unfounded rumors circulate and sometimes get out of control. Worse still, over time, the rumor becomes a reality for many and developers are sometimes forced to explain things that were never said. In the case of GTA 6, this is quite striking. See instead…

A crazy price for GTA 6?

Rumors are circulating that the price of GTA 6 could rise to 150 dollars… This information is based on a simple line without an explicit source published by Niche Gamer. Obviously, it sparked many reactions in the gaming community. This speculation comes in a context where video games are becoming more and more expensive and where collector’s editions can far exceed the standard cost of a game. However, no price has been officially confirmed. Based on current trends in the AAA game market, it is possible that the starting price will be at least $69.99, unless a different pricing model is announced by the developers. But what ?

To determine the veracity of this rumor, it is advisable not to rely solely on hearsay and to examine the available information more deeply. As everyone knows, the enthusiasm generated by a project of this magnitude (GTA 6) can also attract individuals seeking to capitalize on the popularity, thus generating potentially erroneous or exaggerated information… This is not what missing in the small world of video games. We are still stuck with information about a potential remake of the first Red Dead… In the end, we were treated to a remaster which had a rather disappointing impact on a lot of people. For a game like GTA 6, so many eyes are on the project that now is clearly not the time to make a mistake. We can imagine the considerable impact that a bad buzz of this magnitude could have on Rockstar’s reputation.

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GTA 6 completely overpriced?  The players are already angry

A collector’s item in the air?

It’s important to note that if a $150 edition were to come about, it would likely include physical collectibles, increasing the value of the purchase. Previous editions of similar games from Rockstar, including Red Dead Redemption 2, had offered an Ultimate Edition with physical bonuses for $99.99. Another consideration is the possibility of early access to GTA 6, a mechanic that has been used by other developers for games like Starfield and Diablo 4. For these recent examples, early access was granted with purchase of premium editions, often above $100. In France, for the Bethesda game, you had to pay the sum of 109 euros for the Premium edition and 300 euros for the Collector version. This gives you a nice perspective to compare with GTA 6’s rumored $150.

We must therefore be careful. Despite all this speculation, nothing will be confirmed until official details are released by Rockstar and Take-Two. Moreover, still according to rumors, an official presentation of GTA 6 could take place “soon”, thus promising more reliable information and putting an end to current leaks and rumors. Either way, a $150 base version of the game seems highly unlikely. Even taking into account the rising cost of living and the game’s colossal budget, that would be shooting yourself in the foot. No game has attempted such madness until now, and it is not certain that the name, although very prestigious, of Rockstar is enough to justify such an expense for a base version of a highly anticipated game .

What do you think about such a rumor about the price of GTA 6? Does this make sense to you?

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