GTA 6 could be presented in the next few days, that’s what fan conspiracy theories claim Latest

GTA 6 could be presented in the next few days, that’s what fan conspiracy theories claim
Credits: Rockstar

Awaited for many years, GTA 6 has stirred the imagination of fans on the internet. While Rockstar is not revealing any details about the game, The franchise’s engaged community started finding things in GTA Online images published in recent days that would lead to the new game. Of course, you can’t take these theories seriously (or can you?).

It all started with the image above. The Rockstar Games profile tweeted about a GTA Online event that has to do with the moon. In this image, fans saw two things: the first is the emphasis on the “VI” (6 in Roman numerals) of the Vinewood sign behind the characters, and the second is the moon itself, which is apparently the Waning Stage, which begins in the next days.

This alone has led some to believe that the announcement of GTA 6 should happen in October. But some enthusiasts have gathered more interesting evidence to reinforce what the “moon is saying”.

October is an important month for Rockstar

It looks like Rockstar has something to do with the month of October and Tuesdays. Some of the studio’s titles were announced and also released this month and also on this day of the week, sometimes both together, as in the case of Red Dead Redemption 2. GTA 5 was announced in October (2011) and released in September (2013) , both occasions were a Tuesday.

The waning moon and the day it will appear this month tells the date of the official reveal of GTA V for these enthusiastic fans who are creating these theories. So considering all this crazy stuff, we’ll see an announcement by the end of this week. Obviously all this already became a joke on the internet.

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Theories aside, what is known about GTA 6 comes from the big leak from September last year. From this event, a group of hackers who had access to more than what was shown created a compilation with everything about the game. We even published part of this material here, as it is a PDF with dozens of pages.

Another recent rumor says that GTA 6 could cost an incredible US$150, which is currently R$759. This would be because the game must have an unusual scope, even for a AAA game, and that Take-Two also I would already be spending more than US$1 billion on this game.

Via: PC Gamer

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