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Fans of GTA 6 are desperately waiting for the first announcement. But there is so little news about this that they can only laugh at themselves.

New York – The hamster wheel in which GTA 6 fans now find themselves continues to turn. A supposed leak is posted on Reddit or 4Chan, everyone panics and then it turns out to be fake. The desperation in the community is slowly becoming palpable. The fans know this too, because they are already laughing at their own desperation.

GTA 6: Fans are desperately waiting for the reveal – Rockstar Games is not giving in

Fans are waiting for the reveal of GTA 6: If you believe all the leaks about the reveal of GTA 6, a trailer should actually appear every day. Most recently, a fan claimed to have seen the GTA 6 trailer. He predicted the trailer would be released in October. Another declared November as the date for the GTA 6 trailer.

Two women laugh hysterically in front of the GTA 6 logo
GTA 6: Fans laugh at themselves in despair © Rockstar Games / IMAGO: Panthermedia / Reddit: MaNu9564 (montage)

There are no news: But the fact is that apart from further trailer leaks for the GTA 6 reveal in October, there is no official news to announce. Fans may not want to admit it, but there is no information about the trailer, reveal or release of GTA 6 beyond everyday silliness on internet forums.

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GTA 6: Fans laugh at themselves out of sheer desperation

Fans laugh at themselves: The realization that only a lot of patience and one or two calming herbal teas helps when waiting for GTA 6 also seems to have trickled down to fans. On Reddit, fans in the GTA 6 forum are now laughing at themselves for their despair.

The meme posted on the forum satirizes exactly this weekly batch of rat races. Since September 2023, most fans have been firmly convinced that the reveal must take place on a Tuesday. In October 2023. Only Rockstar Games itself knows how realistic that is. But there are still two Tuesdays left in October 2023 to keep hope alive. But one fan is quite sure: “October 32nd, mark it for you“. We couldn’t have phrased it better.