GTA 6 Fans Believe the Game’s Release Is Being Slowed by the Xbox Series S Latest

Over the years, GTA has been an incredibly popular franchise and has been growing in popularity with every game released. This is still accurate, as gamers are eagerly awaiting the release of GTA 6but sadly, there is still no news regarding its release date.

As gamers are awaiting news regarding GTA 6‘s release, some are wondering why there have been such long delays in the game’s production. According to a recent Reddit post, some gamers believe that the reason why GTA 6 is still under development is because of the Xbox Series S’s lack of power.

Why do Gamers believe the Xbox Series S is the Reason for GTA 6’s delay?

Reddit users think that GTA 6 could be held back due to Xbox Series S.
Reddit users think that GTA 6 could be held back due to Xbox Series S.

As many know, gaming development takes a long time, especially with newer games that utilize special engines and have major requirements to run properly. This has slowly led gaming development into numerous years worth of work for certain projects.

Due to this, gamers will expect games to take a good few years to develop, especially with newer-generation consoles. But what about older-generation consoles that are slowly being left behind in gaming development?

This has led many gamers to wonder whether the older generation of consoles will affect GTA 6 and its release. Since both the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 have been out for a few years now, this will mean that older consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be ignored.

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Since players believe that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be left behind, it has left many wondering what about the Xbox Series S. The main reason this issue has been raised is because the Xbox Series S is a lot less powerful than the other new generation consoles and has already impacted the releases of other games on the Xbox consoles.

Are These Theories Regarding the Xbox Series S Holding Back GTA 6 Accurate?

Players are still awaiting any news regarding GTA 6 and its release.
Players are still awaiting any news regarding GTA 6 and its release.

Even though, currently, there is no information as to what is holding back GTA 6 in its development, many believe that this isn’t the reason why it is being delayed. As stated above, this isn’t the first game that the Xbox Series S has delayed over the past few months, and due to this, it can be assumed that Rockstar will learn from this and avoid this issue.

Many believe that this isn’t the reason why GTA 6 is delayed, as Rockstar has had many years to work on this game and will most likely be aware of the requirements needed to release it onto the Xbox Series S, as they are also working on a PC version of the game that will also need similar requirements.

Since GTA 6 will be a much bigger game than GTA 5many gamers are worried that the size of the game may just be too big for their Xbox Series S’s to handle. This is something that could become true as the GTA 6 map is hinted to be double the size of GTA 5.

In Rockstar’s past, there have been times where it has already come up against obstacles like this. Back when Red Dead Redemption 2 was being developed, they worked on ensuring that the game could still be run on low-end PCs just like it would run on a standard PC.

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With this past experience, there are some gamers who have faith in Rockstar and feel that they are just ensuring the game is optimized and suitable for gamers. This is evident as Rockstar has a history of releasing games that run very well on all types of platforms with very few issues.

Until there is an announcement regarding GTA 6there is no way to know what has delayed the game’s release, or if there are any concerns for gamers who are using last-gen consoles.

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