GTA 6 getting closer? This was supposed to be groundbreaking news. And yet… Latest

GTA VI has not yet been announced by the developers and the only officially confirmed information is that the game is actually being developed. Therefore, it is not surprising that the news that the upcoming production by Rockstar Games appeared on the Australian government website and received the first rating was a huge surprise.

Have we learned the first details of GTA VI? But something isn’t right here…

According to the entry in the Australian Classification Board, GTA VI was rated on April 2 this year. “Six” was classified as “MA15+”, i.e. for players from 15 years of age, and would also contain “strong sex scenes” and “strong drug use”. But can all this be taken for granted? As it turns out, probably not.

Games usually appear on government classification websites shortly before their release. Of course, history knows cases where a title was revealed in this way, but it does not happen often. Additionally, one of the users of the X website (formerly Twitter), which provides various news about GTA VI, informed that the entry in the Australian Classification Board is false due to various irregularities.

“The ‘GTA VI’ rating that is circulating is false. There are other fake Australian Ratings Board entries, such as the entry for a company called ‘RainReach’. There is also a very large hidden spot in both the name and publisher that does not exist in legal entries. Additionally – real entries do not use the label “Production company”, but yes, Author and Publisher – we can read.

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Therefore, although it seemed that this could be groundbreaking news about GTA VI, optimism must be tempered. All we can do is wait for any official information from the developers from Rockstar Games.

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GTA 6 getting closer?  This was supposed to be groundbreaking news.  And yet…

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