GTA 6 is around the corner: the Rockstar Games studio has received the first official rating for the game Latest

It is probably only a matter of a short time when the game studio Rockstar Games officially announces the game Grand Theft Auto VI, which we have been waiting for more than ten years. According to the latest indications, its premiere could happen already at the end of Octoberwhile players should look forward to the minimum twice the size of the map compared to what they were used to with the original GTA V and also completely refined physics or graphics.

Many details regarding GTA 6 they still remain a mystery. We don’t have a lot of details about the title despite the big leak that happened over the past year and we’ve seen dozens of developer gameplay videos on it. And while we don’t even know when it will be available to all players, it seems that someone has already had a chance to try the game early. Of course, in strict secrecy and with the preservation of maximum secrecy.

Specifically, Australia gave an official rating for GTA 6, which was supposed to happen according to government sites on April 2, 2023. It should not be forgotten that this country is famous for its strict game ratings, which are often banned here if violated. The Rockstar Games studio probably wanted to check if there would be any problem here. The result will surprise you.

GTA 6 rating is very lenient in Australia

GTA 6 graphics
Source: YouTube / Gam3 4 Lif3 (edited by editors)

Despite the fact that, according to the assessment, GTA 6 should contain, for example, drugs or other content that is inaccessible to young people, the title received a rating of MA 15+, instead of the expected 18+. If the rating were worse, GTA 6 could be marked as RC (refused classification), which would make it impossible to even sell it in Australia.

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GTA 6 Australia
Source: / screenshot

However, the developers would lose a lot of financial income and since they put everything into the game more than a billion dollarsthey must use every opportunity to pay for the development and logically make good money on GTA 6.

So we’ll see when the news will be available for all players. We can’t wait to try it out for ourselves. And what you?

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