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while Rockstar Games He is still silent about the latest version of the GTA series, rumors suggest that it is possible Play GTA 6 It is going to be introduced soon. Stay with Miket in the rest of this news.

Not many games are as important as the GTA franchise and carry such a heavy burden. Now, after many speculations and rumors, good news is waiting for the gamers. In fact, it is said that Rockstar Games plans to introduce GTA 6 on November 4 (October 26).

“I can now confirm that GTA 6 is set to launch on October 26, 2023,” wrote independent video game industry insider Chris Marx, known as MarxxChris on social media, on his personal page on Platform X.

Chris is no stranger to releasing game information. He has previously published reliable news about the release date of the games. It is not clear at this time if what he said about the game GTA 6 was true or not, but we know that his information about works like Payday 3 and Dragon’s Dogma II were correct. As a result, this news can give hope to many gamers.


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If we look at social networks and the online space, we can see that users are divided into two parts. Some are hoping and wishing that Rockstar will finally break his silence. In fact, they believe that now is the best time to introduce the game GTA 6, because the creators have experienced 5 successful years with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 and it is time to start promoting their new project. On the other hand, there are gamers who are not optimistic about this and say that they do not expect to see official news about this work soon.

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Rockstar itself is another reason for speculation about GTA 6. At the moment, the platform X user account of this site has not published anything. Rockstar has shown that he is usually silent before introducing his big works and it can be said that this is actually the calm before the storm. However, this company has a long record of unexpected tweets and unexpected moves, and therefore it is not easy to understand what approach the developers are going to take.

But regarding the GTA 6 game, we have to say that the rumors indicate that the mechanics are going to undergo great changes and the game will be completely transformed. Apparently, the chase system will change and we will see a large map with more than 100 unique locations. The question that arises is whether interstate travel can be witnessed in this version? Only time can answer our questions.

Another interesting point about the GTA 6 game is related to its marketing. GTA 4 and GTA 5 games experienced long-term marketing. But now that the whole world is waiting for the new version, has Rockstar decided to make its marketing campaign for the game GTA 6 shorter and more exciting? This is not the whole story. Let’s not forget the approach of this company in publishing the game on different platforms. Rockstar has always prioritized home consoles over PCs and usually releases its games first on PlayStation and Xbox. This approach may not be fair at all from the PC gamer’s point of view, but it has been profitable for account creators.

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In any case, we must say that patience is a trait that every fan of Rockstar games should benefit from. From Red Dead Redemption to GTA V, anticipation has been the one thing gamers have experienced more than anything else. This studio doesn’t just make games, but actually tries to provide an attractive artwork and a perfect experience. Rockstar usually does not rush to release games and does its best to give gamers an unforgettable experience. Although GTA 6 will once again test the patience of gamers, we must say that these expectations will probably be worth it.

Beyond the discussion of GTA, we must say that Rockstar has seen many changes over the years. Notable people like Sam Hoser and Michael Unsworth have left the studio in recent years, and this has caused Rockstar to undergo many changes. The separation of these two people has definitely affected the dynamics of the studio, but the rest of the team should not be underestimated.

Overall, after all this speculation, one thing that cannot be denied is that the entire video game community is eagerly waiting for GTA 6. We hope that this work will finally be announced next month to see what Rockstar has to offer and what masterpiece it wants to deliver to gamers.

Anyway, for now we have to wait for the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on Nintendo Switch and apparently the remaster of GTA 4 is also going to be released. Don’t forget that the GTA trilogy is also free for GTA+ subscribers.

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