“GTA 6 launches October 26th.” But then the mole disappears – Turin Chronicle Latest

One of the games most awaited by video game fans is coming soon, rumors of an imminent release, the “mole” who put them around has disappeared. Volatilized. Literally vanished into thin air immediately after the announcement of important news. The reveal of GTA 6 is a real mystery. And the protagonist is Chris Marxxa “leaker” (which in jargon is the mole, the one who receives and then divulges “tips”), who in the last few hours spoke of “an imminent announcement” and then closed his profile on X.

“GTA 6 launches October 26th.”  But then the mole disappears – Turin Chronicle

The leaker Chris Marxx he was among the first to talk about a reveal of GTA 6 scheduled for the month of October and in the last few hours he returned to the office talking about “an imminent announcement”, a few minutes later however the insider definitively closed his profile on “I am pleased to confirm that the previews of the Grand Theft Auto VI campaign are on the way – his last words – Rockstar Games (an American company that has been developing and distributing video games since 1998, ed.) has contacted journalists and influential personalities of the industry, the first previews of the game will arrive shortly after the official announcement.”

According to Marxx, GTA & announcement is expected to take place on October 26th, but according to other sources there could be news as early as this week. Enthusiasts are anxiously waiting. And each rumor contributes to increasing attention for Grand Theft Auto, one of the most famous video game series of all time: in 2016 it had in fact sold a total of over 250 million copies worldwide, which made it the fourth best-selling series in history after Mario, Pokémon and Tetris.

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Commonly abbreviated to the acronym GTA, it is a series of open-world action-adventure video games developed by Rockstar North and Rockstar Leeds and published by Rockstar Games since 1997. The player controls an outlaw and his rise in organized crime; the expression Grand Theft Auto is in fact widespread in the United States of America to indicate the aggravated theft of vehicles, a very common crime in the first titles.

Between 1997 and 2013 the series has seven main chapters (I, II, III, Vice City, San Andreas, IV and V), and five spin-offs (London 1969, Advance, Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories and Chinatown Wars). In a few days, the last chapter.