GTA 6: “Leaks” are turning fans’ heads – just don’t believe these rumors Latest


There are always supposed leaks and rumors about GTA 6 that are turning fans’ heads. Just don’t believe these “rumors”.

GTA 6: “Leaks” are turning fans’ heads – just don’t believe these rumors

The world of rumors about GTA 6 is sometimes absurd, we’ll give you a few examples (Image: GTA Online). (Source: Rockstar Games)

The waiting time is tiresome for many fans when it comes to GTA 6. Time and again there is a barrage of baseless claims and forecasts online, including very absurd statements.

A rumor discusses the extremely high price of GTA 6. The title will therefore cost $150. That would be almost twice as much money as the cost of a current video game.

Another supposed leak from X (formerly: Twitter) predicts an installation size of 750 gigabytes and a 400-hour story.

These are completely exaggerated statements and most likely randomly made out of thin air, and there is no real source evidence. Nevertheless, such “shock rumors” are enough to send fans online into a frenzy. Don’t let yourself be misled here and pay attention to the sources for such alleged leaks.

Does the information come from a Rockstar employee? Is the thesis based on a statement from the Take-Two boss? Does a known leaker make a prediction? Pay attention to the context in which an utterance is embedded.

Claims absurd

The game will not cost 150 euros and will not be 750 gigabytes in size. The title would no longer be installable on an Xbox Series S with 500 gigabytes of memory and most larger games are around 100 gigabytes in size.

GTA 6: logos and covers from fans

Fans have created amazing logos, posters and covers for GTA 6. Here you can see them in screenshots.

In a video, a well-known GTA 5 spokesman commented on GTA 6 and told fans that the wait for the new game would be worth it.

Announcement probably in 2023

The well-known Rockstar leaker Tez2 sees a reveal of GTA 6 at the end of 2023. Rockstar will probably release the title in 2024 or early 2025, as the parent company Take-Two is forecasting huge sales during that time.

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