GTA 6 leaks | Fans use the moon to predict release dateLatest

Rockstar raises expectations game after game, year after year, month after month and week after week. With countless fans awaiting official GTA 6 announcements, the leaks are already talking about locations. Meanwhile, the most meticulous ones investigate clues starting from a lunar track.

Video game fans have not stopped making assumptions about GTA 6, from its cost to the size of its files. Although an official statement from Rockstar Games is still awaited, leaks from last year have shed some light on the enormity of the game.

This information has reignited debates around the predictions made by video game industry analyst Michael Pachter in 2022.

GTA 6 leaks |  Fans use the moon to predict release dateLatest

Pachter’s predictions, which were initially considered daring, now seem to coincide with the latest information about the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto saga.

Pachter predicts that GTA 6 will offer a whopping 400-500 hours of gameplay. This corresponds with recent leaks that suggest a similar scale of content.

However, Pachter’s claim that the game will span multiple cities in America and Europe has intrigued enthusiasts. According to Pachter, players will travel through Los Santos, Liberty City, Vice City and even London, where they will have to carry out missions.

Apparently, players will have the freedom to traverse continents and participate in missions that incorporate places this far away.

Although some players remain doubtful of these ambitious claims, the inclusion of several airports on the leaked map lends credence to the possibility of players traveling to multiple cities.

Such encouraging predictions have led video game enthusiasts to explore even the most minute details to decipher when they will be able to get their hands on the long-awaited game.

Now a new theory has emerged according to which Rockstar would be giving advance indications of launch announcements through hidden messages on the moon.

What are the supposed GTA 6 Leaks seen on the moon?

Fans decipher clues and develop unconventional theories to find GTA 6 leaks and anticipate its release announcement. In the relentless search for clues, they have correlated the moon phases with a promotional image from the game’s creators, Rockstar.

As a result of the image, an intriguing theory was formulated on social platforms such as Twitter and Reddit, suggesting that the announcement of the highly anticipated GTA 6 is imminent, as noted GamesRadar.

The image in question was designed with the purpose of encouraging fans with the “Grand Theft Auto Online Moon Festival” event.

Two characters stand in front of the game’s Vinewood sign, largely hidden except for the Roman numeral “VI,” which represents six.

This detail has ignited the imagination of GTA fans.

The theory is that the moon in the image is in a waning gibbous phase, a phase the real moon entered on October 2 and will re-enter on November 1. Enthusiasts like Reddit user ApprehensiveTop8927 and Twitter user Dirty_Work have highlighted this detail, fueling speculation.

Rockstar’s apparent preference for Tuesdays adds another wrinkle to the theory. Previous announcements and releases for Red Dead Redemption and its sequel took place on a Tuesday, and several GTA games also debuted or were announced on Tuesdays in October.

Although these theories have sparked a mix of skepticism and ridicule, there is still a glimmer of hope among fans. One Reddit commenter mused: “We all laugh… but what if…?” Another equated the GTA community with music fans known as “Swifties,” noting that they are “literally the Swifties of the gaming community. Completely unhinged, and always trying to connect the dots.”

It has not yet been confirmed whether this is a sophisticated prank or just a fan wish. However, the illuminated “VI” in the Moon Festival teaser image seems suspiciously deliberate, and the moon’s involvement in the theory adds a hint of unpredictability.

As Twitter user and theorist Dirty_Worka confessed, “Rockstar loves hiding things in plain sight, and they’re an incredibly smart team. Part of me wouldn’t be surprised if they did something like that.”

In due time, the validity of these theories will come to light. Official announcements could come at any time.

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