GTA 6 open world map, Lucia, and the biggest gameplay leaks so far Latest

It feels like the world of gaming is constantly trying to manifest an official GTA VI trailer or preview. It’s been a while now since the big leak that saw images and videos spread across social media and, rightly so, Rockstar is keeping their cards close to their chest. While we wait another week, another day, we can stay excited by compiling some of the biggest leaks.

The Map

GTA 6 open world map, Lucia, and the biggest gameplay leaks so far
GTA VI map concept

From what we know, the map featured in GTA VI will be an amalgamation of several areas spread over two key locations – Vice City and Port Gellhorn. It’s clear from leaks and insiders that the Vice City areas are based on Miami, while Port Gellhorn pulls from Panama City. Certain areas in Vice City will also pull from other ‘real world’ locations introducing a large prison and mountain range, neither of which originate in Florida.

Judging from the leaks, we can see a vast number of new and returning locations, as well as plenty of points of interest that will likely feature some form of pastime or activity. Just a few of the locations which may be based on real world locations are:

  • Rockridge (based on Little Havana)
  • South Beach
  • Lake Leonida (likely based on Lake Okeechobee)
  • Grassrivers (based on the Everglades)

We can see, via the locations, several activities that have become a tradition within the Grand Theft Auto franchise; nightclubs, theme parks, an airfield, observatory, minimarts, golf club, body shops, and much more. There’s even a pawn shop that seems inspired by a shop in Puerto Rico, called Joyeria Empenos.

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Characters – Lucia and Jason

Artists renderding of GTA 6's protagonists
Artists renderding of GTA 6’s protagonists

We should see two protagonists in GTA VI according to various leaks. These are Lucia and Jason, who are pitched to be very similar to Bonnie and Clyde, as in a couple in love who wreak havoc across cities via a crime spree. While we don’t know a great deal about them individually, we have seen what they look like, but little else is known.

All we can do at this point is speculate. For instance, we know they are in a romantic relationship, but we don’t know if the couple starts out this way at the beginning of the game. We could also see some form of relationship tracker that paints a picture of the health of their relationship. Although when that idea was floated through the community, many pushed back against it not wanting the game to become a relationship simulator.

We’re also unsure if we’ll see any returning characters from other instalments of the franchise, though it wouldn’t be a surprise to see some Vice City regulars pop up for a cameo.

Other characters mentioned are; Chester, Danny, Iris, Dale and Brian. Most of these seem to be contacts or owners of local businesses, so they may not play a large part in the game.

New police interactions

GTA V / Credit: Rockstar Games
GTA V / Credit: Rockstar Games

Possibly adding to the traditional wanted system is a deeper mechanic that implies civilians and police officers will react in more detailed ways. Within leaks seen during the ‘Hank’s Waffle robbery video’ we saw mention of ‘full description’ which implies that witnesses have a full description of what you look like. This may be a stretch, but later footage in that same video shows ‘full vehicle description’ which we believe means a witness spotted your vehicle in criminal activity.

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This could mean a more detailed wanted system that still uses stars, but defines how you are known to police, rather than just having a generic wanted level. It could work out that you might need a disguise for a set period of time if someone knows what you look like. Or a new car is needed for your follow up job.

Criminal Activity

GTA V / Credit: Rockstar Games
GTA V / Credit: Rockstar Games

There seems to be a few new criminal activities available in GTA VIeach of them are likely to play a large role in the campaign at some point, before becoming side-jobs.

Money laundering seems to be present as we’ve seen a washing machine logo with a dollar sign in the centre – a universal symbol of money laundering. This suggests that there may be businesses and properties you can purchase in order to clean your criminal income.

Fences are mentioned in several instances. A fence is someone who purchases stolen goods, so this could mean particular vendors will buy stolen cars or artwork, for example. But they wouldn’t likely interchange and buy outside of their expertise.

We also have robberies. In the main video leak we saw a holdup at a waffle shop which played out like a small heist, moving through certain steps to ensure the robbery is successful. The player was able to command their partner which gives us greater control. While these may be a feature of the campaign, it’s likely we could see them as side-jobs, or even online activities.


GTA Online / Credit: Rockstar Games
GTA Online / Credit: Rockstar Games

We’ve seen that Lucia holds a Tracker Jammer, possibly for expensive car heists to prevent the police being able to track your movement. She also has an Immobiliser Bypass, which also points to vehicle interaction as many expensive cars have immobilisers to prevent theft.

She also carries a USB Drive, which seems generic, but could be holding viruses; and finally, an Auto Dialler, which could be linked to running scams.

Smaller Details

Other small details spotted are things like a sharable inventory so both characters have access to the same items and tools; a ping system, switching shoulders while aiming, a cover mode and more detailed character models which show possible body and hair growth.

Everything we know is purely speculative given the nature of the leaks. While some things are more concrete, a lot of guesswork is done based off what we saw in the leaks. Until we see a trailer or some official announcements we may need a pinch of salt to hand.