GTA 6 – physics in the game is to be raised to a level unattainable for other productions Latest

GTA 6 - physics in the game is to be raised to a level unattainable for other productionsRockstar Games is constantly silent about the official announcement of the new part of Grand Theft Auto. The latest confirmation comes from September 2022, when there was a hacker attack on the company’s servers. In the following months, the publisher – Take Two – made it clear several times that the new GTA would be released in fiscal year 2025, i.e. in the period between April 2024 and March 2025. While we still do not know when the game will actually be announced, Unofficial information about it appears on the Internet from time to time. New reports regarding GTA 6 indicate very advanced physics in the game.

According to unofficial information, the new version of the RAGE engine (9th generation) will allow for the introduction of far-reaching changes in the presentation of the world in GTA 6 and will allow the implementation of solutions that are intended to raise the production physics to an unprecedented level.

GTA 6 - physics in the game is to be raised to a level unattainable for other productions [1]

GTA 6 will debut in fiscal year 2025, as suggested by the head of Take Two himself – Strauss Zelnick

GTA 4 was praised by many players for its advanced physics. In turn, GTA 5 was often criticized for the same reason – Rockstar North decided to limit physics in many aspects, thus leading to the introduction of a more arcade driving model. If information published by Rockstar Mag turn out to be true, in the upcoming GTA 6 we will receive a much higher level of physics, higher than in any other game that has debuted on the market so far. Thanks to the implementation of many new solutions to the 9th generation of the RAGE engine (which is the basis for the new GTA), we will see, among others, in production: realistic water simulation in real time, also adapted to weather conditions, a modified driving model and a realistic presentation of vehicle damage. Water is especially interesting, considering the fact that the new GTA will return to Vice City, a place where we won’t complain about the lack of water.

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GTA 6 - physics in the game is to be raised to a level unattainable for other productions [2]

GTA 5 turns 10! The most popular part of Grand Theft Auto, which debuted on three generations of consoles and PC

Real-time water simulation combined with, for example, gusty winds and a violent storm is expected to even lead to flooding in parts of the city that are located, for example, in close proximity to the beach. On the other hand, all motorboats will also behave differently on the water surface depending on whether the waves are rough or the weather is calm (i.e. no wind or only gentle gusts of wind). The implementation of these solutions was to be supervised by a team of engineers from the Rockstar San Diego studio. In the case of vehicles, we can count on a much larger geometry, which will allow for the introduction of natural-looking damage. The source also describes the introduction of more advanced relationships between tuning and specific weather conditions. As an example, installing a spoiler will allow for more stable driving during heavy weather.

GTA 6 - physics in the game is to be raised to a level unattainable for other productions [3]

A novelty in the GTA series (but not at all, because Rockstar already introduced this function with Red Dead Redemption 2 and the RAGE 8 engine) will be a reconstructed lighting system based on physics calculations (realistic lighting simulation based on physics – PBR – Physics-Based Rendering). PBR is intended to enable, among others: better presentation of textured objects depending on the lighting, which in turn will result in a more realistic presentation of the world during the day and at night. The novelty is completed by a fully realistic dynamic weather system, which will significantly influence not only the presentation of individual places, but also the gameplay itself. If the information above is true, we could get the most impressive-looking game since the move to full 3D. We can only keep our fingers crossed for the actual implementation of such solutions.

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Source: Rockstar Mag