GTA 6 Price To Release Date, Exciting News And Leaks Around The Upcoming Rockstar Games Announcement Here Latest

GTA 6 Release Date: Leaks around Grand Theft Auto 6 are exciting gaming fans from times immemorial. We have seen a wide range of news that concerns the possible release date of the much-awaited title. And in the latest move, fans are speculating about the game’s price. Not only that, an industry analyst hinted at a launch timeline for the upcoming game.

GTA 6 Announcement Expectations

According to a Markets Insider report, analyst Andrew Marok of Raymond James predicted bullish growth potential for Take-Two Interactive, the owner of Rockstar Games (GTA series maker), due to a trailer or release of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 title. He anticipated a launch of GTA 6 during the holiday season next year.

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GTA 6 Price (Expectations)

According to GAMINGbible, the title could be among the most expensive media products in gaming history. The company might charge a premium for the upcoming AAA title to make sustainable profits. Several users responded to a question about the price of GTA 6 on Reddit.

While one claimed that it could start from the usual $70 price tag, some added it could be higher for special edition versions. “£69.99 (Based on the price of Spiderman 2 PS5) – pretty much whatever triple A games cost in the current market in your country,” a Redditor posted.

GTA 6 Price To Release Date, Exciting News And Leaks Around The Upcoming Rockstar Games Announcement Here

Two protagonists are expected this time around in GTA 6, which could be named Jason and Lucia. (Image:X/@GTAVI_Countdown)

“$69.99 for base, they’ll probably have some version for $99.99 honestly,” another one said. Things also took an expected turn as one user said: “I would give my kidney to see the trailer,” and a second one said, “I’ll pay $3000 just to see the logo.”

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Amid all this, a big worry of fans is also microtransactions within the game that will contribute heavily in the game developer’s favour. As for more leaks, two characters are expected this time around, which could be named Jason and Lucia. If the rumours turn true, this would mark the official entry of a female protagonist in the game for the first time in the history of Grand Theft Auto.

However, a gamer must take these details with a pinch of salt as Rockstar Games has not shared any official update on the release or the price of GTA 6. You can stay tuned to Jagran English for more exciting updates around the game. On a related note, fans discovered hints of the new game in a recent official poster. You can read more on this here.