GTA 6: really advanced graphics according to Rockstar Mag France Latest

What is clearly said here is that we will have a larger visual gap between GTA 6 et RDR2 that between the latter and GTA 5. The colors having been announced, let’s look a little more concretely at what this rumor is about, which notably mentions the graphics engine RAGE.

Breathtaking visual effects for the next Grand Theft Auto VI?

Rockstar Games has continued to improve its internal graphics engine, the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, aka RAGE over the years. This fueled the series Grand Theft Auto et Red Dead Redemptionbut it is currently optimized for the future Grand Theft Auto 6 new generation that everyone is waiting for with great impatience.

We learn today that the evolution of the RAGE engine in GTA 6 will be a big step forward from the Rockstar studio’s previous achievements. While the graphic gap between Grand Theft Auto 5 et Red Dead Redemption 2 was already significant, it would seem that the gap between Grand Theft Auto 6 et Red Dead Redemption 2 is even more marked.

GTA 6: really advanced graphics according to Rockstar Mag France

This development was clarified in a recent article by Rockstar Mag Francewhich highlighted the progress made by the RAGE engine over the generations:

  • RAGE 7 (GTA 5): This version brought many innovations, including an improved scripting engine, DirectX 11 implementation, and better memory management. It remains one of the most effective versions to date, even 10 years later.
  • RAGE 8 (RDR 2): this version innovated in terms of artificial intelligence, weather management, volumetric effects and implementation of the Vulkan and DirectX 12 APIs. Interactions with NPCs are among the most advanced in the industry.
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The next version RAGE from Rockstar, the version 9will innovate in several key areas:

  • Game physics (real-time water simulation, better vehicle deformation, etc.)
  • More realistic time management (morning, day, evening and night)
  • The quality of the rendering (textures, lighting, volumetric clouds, etc.)
  • Artificial intelligence (interactions with NPCs, police reactions, etc.)

The leak therefore reveals that the next GTA 6 will have a revolutionary real-time water simulation system, a technology that has been used in the movie industry for some time, but never in real time. Although NVIDIA has done some experimentation in this direction with Wave Works, Rockstar seems to want to push water simulation to a whole new level in GTA 6.

The creation of this water simulation technology was entrusted to the RAGE Technology Group, a division of the Rockstar San Diego studio which developed the RAGE engine in 2006. This team includes around twenty engineers with extensive experience in programming, in real-time physics simulation, memory management, linear algebra, trigonometry and matrix mathematics.

This team managed to achieve a feat that distinguishes GTA 6 competition (if there really is one): the real-time water physics simulation in an open world.

In addition to considerable improvements in water physics, GTA 6 will also feature significant improvements to vehicle physics. A substantial increase in the number of polygons compared to GTA 5 will allow super-detailed deformations to create Very realistic car accidents and damages.

The customization of vehicles in GTA 6 will also be different: it will have an impact on the exterior of the car, but it will also affect the driving experience. RAGE Version 9 will make this possible by providing increased realism while preserving the arcade feel of GTA games.

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GTA 6 will also have a physical light simulation handled by physics-based rendering (Physics-Based Rendering ou PBR), which results in a series of technologies offering materials physical optical properties (reflections, roughness, etc.). RAGE version 8, which powered Red Dead Redemption 2already benefited from PBR renderingexplaining the exceptional quality of the lighting in the game.

These improvements should result in textures rendered more realistically by light creating a much more immersive day and night experience. Finally, GTA 6 should offer a weather system with realistic weather conditions who will have a impact on environment and gameplay. Powerful winds will move objects, waves will change the appearance of the beach, and rain and strong winds will impact your high-speed chases.

It is clear that Rockstar is banking on innovation and improvement of its graphics engine to make GTA 6 an exceptional gaming experience. While waiting for more official information, players have reason to rejoice in these announced improvements.