GTA 6 trailer coming soon? Fans have another theory about when it will premiere Latest

Recently, information from Reddit was quite revolutionary, in which one of the users had contact with a person who had seen the trailer. He described step by step what is happening in it and what the trailer looks like, which Rockstar is supposed to present to us soon. Another Reddit user shared a theory on how this could happen. SalixCaprea2002 referred to last year’s UFO event, which was supposed to reveal the first details about GTA VI.

GTA VI trailer on the horizon? An unusual fan theory

SalixCaprea2002 writes that in October 2022, Rockstar organized a Halloween-themed timed event in GTA Online, during which UFOs appeared in random places on the map. Then, one of the most informed users about Rockstar games, Tez2, wrote on Twitter that it was related to the company’s announcement of GTA VI. In the end, nothing came of it and fans suspect that maybe Rockstar did not abandon this idea at all, but simply postponed it to another year.

Last year, UFOs appeared in the game on October 23, which fans believe may be repeated this year. This would mean that the GTA VI trailer could appear as early as next week. However, this is somewhat at odds with other theories that often mentioned the date of October 26. Nevertheless, the two are coming together in the coming week, which promises to be an incredibly exciting one for GTA fans.

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