GTA 6 Trailer Rumors, Will Be Released October 26, 2023 Latest


Question rumor GTA 6 getting wilder. said one user of the 4chan site, revealing that the trailer for the latest series GTA This will be released on October 26 2023.

He explained that the trailer in question was about one and a half minutes long. The gamer, whose name is unknown, said he had watched it twice.

He also mentioned several things he discovered when watching the short video. He said there were two drag racing cars, a boat driven by the main character, a man in underwear running down the highway carrying a snake, a beach party, Lucia hitting someone with a stick, and so on.



The post was also shared by one user Reddit. Then it quickly caught the attention of gamers, and triggered various reactions in them.

Many of them do not believe this information, considering Rockstar didn’t say anything about the trailer either. However, there are quite a few who hope it is true, and can’t wait for October 26th to arrive.

Rumors about GTA 6 are getting wilder.  One user on the 4chan site said, revealing that the trailer for the latest GTA series will be released on October 26 2023.GTA 6 Trailer Question Screenshot Photo: (4channel)

It’s just that this needs to be looked at again. First, the identity of the person who shared the information is unclear. He even uses an anonymous account on the 4chan site.

Even though the information written feels convincing, this is still just a rumor. Now about the rumors GTA 6has been widely spread on the internet, not only the ones that are currently trendy.

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Previously there was news circulating about the price GTA 6 more expensive than GTA 5. Then rumors about two female and male protagonists, until the release date.

So before the related information GTA 6 comes straight out of the mouth Rockstar, the rest can be considered just rumors. But interestingly, the company recently teased fans.

They posted an image on Twitter/X, which gave a signal about the presence of the newest series. For more details, you can check the post below.

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