GTA 6 will have single player DLC, according to a well-known insider Latest

Apparently, GTA 6 will have gods DLC single player. Or at least this is what was revealed by the insider Tez2, already known for having provided various information on content related to Rockstar titles and mostly to the GTA series.

According to Tez2, Rockstar plans to launch episodic content for GTA 6 which will include Map updates and expansions with the first big DLC ​​arriving within a year or two of the game’s launch. This will also reduce the crunch for developers, who will have more time to create content.

Furthermore, the insider also points out that Rockstar had some plans DLC single player anche per GTA 5 and who then changed his plans in mid-2014 following the unexpected boom of GTA Online.

Obviously we point out that despite the reliability of Tez2, we are still talking about rumors, with Rockstar Games not having commented on or confirmed this information in the slightest.

Recall that currently GTA 6 it hasn’t even been officially announced yet. The little information currently available on the successor to GTA V is what came to us via the mega-leak a few months ago, which allowed us to know some of the new features of this new chapter, together of course to the rumors that have popped up online. In the last period, however, we have witnessed the arrival of numerous leaks and indiscretions, a sign that something is moving and that we are now close to an announcement.

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