GTA 6 will introduce a lot of new mechanics. Rockstar’s most advanced game! Latest

We learned about the next new features that Rockstar plans to introduce to Grand Theft Auto VI. The new GTA promises to be really good!

Rockstar Games officially spoke about Grand Theft Auto VI only after a major data leak – and the developers only admitted that the materials published on the Internet were actually true and that a new part of the cult series was actually being created. Since then, however, we have been dealing with complete silence from the studio responsible for GTA or Red Dead Redemption – but this does not prevent us from constantly receiving new information about the production’s portfolio. As we have already learned, insiders, curious players and the Reddit community do not sleep. It was exactly the same this time.

The iconic star system will remain, but a revolution is coming

I have already informed about upcoming changes to the police pursuit system. This is one of the key mechanics in the entire Grand Theft Auto series – after all, even the star system has become a hallmark of Rockstar’s hits. Then an account on X (formerly Twitter) called GTA 6 Trailer Countdown reported that the police would be able to recognize our vehicle, which would add depth to the chases – the trick of repainting the car and quickly escaping would no longer work. Additionally, the police will have to take some time to arrive at the crime scene – there will be no situation in which the police will magically appear behind our backs. In addition, police officers will begin to surround the reported area or crime scene and immediately rush into the place. Additionally, there will be a system thanks to which players will have time to decide to surrender before the officers decide to shoot.

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Source: X (formerly Twitter) (@GTAVI_Countdown)

However, it turns out that these are not all changes. Grand Theft Auto VI will feature a system of witnesses who will be able to remember our face, thanks to which the police will know what our character looks like. It will be exactly the same with vehicles – and near the star icons informing about the pursuit level, we will find information about whether the police know what we drive and what we look like. Additionally, there will be a system of witnesses whom we will be able to intimidate, thanks to which they will not notify the police; these are to be distinguished by a special yellow icon above their heads.

The police will have something to do because of… robberies

The police will have their hands full because Grand Theft Auto 6 will provide us with much more opportunities in which the officers will have to react. An almost 60-page document related to the above-mentioned hacker attack has been released online, where we can learn about another upcoming news. It’s about the number of buildings we can enter: until now, these were shops, strip clubs, hairdressing salons and tattoo studios, but in GTA 6 this list will include places such as apartments, pawnshops, large supermarkets and laundries.

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GTA 6 will introduce a lot of new mechanics.  Rockstar’s most advanced game!
Will we have to buy a separate disk for GTA 6?  The new rumors are absurd
Source: YouTube @12th Hour

Fewer buildings will be empty, but we won’t go there to visit the laundry. This is, of course, about the robberies that broke the bank (hehe) in GTA Online. In the document we could read:

An important element in GTA VI will be the number of buildings you can enter. This will be directly related to thefts and robberies, one of the main elements of the gameplay.

A lot of robberies, a lot of work – I hope the quality is also good

So it looks like we won’t have time to get bored on the streets of the refreshed Vice City. Rockstar is preparing a lot of revelations for us in terms of gameplay, as we have already informed about many times. If you want to find all the information about Grand Theft Auto VI revealed so far (and there was a lot of it), check here. What do you think about Rockstar’s upcoming hit? Will it be better than GTA 5 and will it be a more revolutionary production than Red Dead Redemption 2?

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