GTA 6 will introduce a new, much more realistic search indexLatest

While waiting for the first trailer, we continue to explore the GTA 6 leak videos to find out what Rockstar has in store for us. The studio plans in particular to make the search system more complex, which will become more subtle when you commit a misdeed.

The development of GTA 6 started a long time ago. And as the release draws closer, the community is obviously expecting profound gameplay changes. In addition to the integration of new buildings to explore, Rockstar notably plans to significantly modify its research system when you commit a crime.

The information again comes from the fan-made “The GTA VI Document” file. This document reveals all the expected new features based on the multiple videos leaked last year. One of the leaked footage shows a robbery in progress at Hank’s Waffle. By paying attention, you can spot the mention “Complete description” under the search index stars.

GTA 6: towards an overhaul of the search index

Witnesses will be able to alert the authorities by telling them what you look like. But you will have a deadline before they called Poulaga home. Still in the video of the robbery, we can see yellow icons above the heads of the customers, which visibly indicates that they witnessed your misdeed. Jason (one of the two playable characters) then tries to prevent these troublesome witnesses from fleeing or calling the police.

The search index will also be updated for cars. Once Lucia enters the cabin, the notice “No description of the vehicle” becomes “Complete description of the vehicle”. This suggests that the police know what your car looks like and that you should change your car to avoid being arrested later, even if you miss the patrols.

Moreover, we can read the following caption: “Any vehicle you are seen entering will be recognized by law enforcement.”. These significant new features will add a good pinch of realism to the game. As a reminder, GTA 6 should be released between 2024 and 2025, according to the latest indiscretions.

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