GTA 6 will never be leaked by a voice actor explains Red Dead’s Arthur Latest

Voice actors typically aren’t allowed to share info on the games they work on (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Don’t expect to hear any GTA 6 news from its voice actors as Rockstar apparently gets them to sign very strict contracts.

Last month, desperate Grand Theft Auto fans speculated that Rockstar Games was hinting at some kind of reveal trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 in October. The month is nearly over though, and Rockstar hasn’t so much as hinted at any kind of reveal.

In lieu of any real information, fans have made do with a never-ending sea of rumours, not just from Internet randos but actors who’ve claimed or at least suggested they’re starring in GTA 6.

Voice actors are never the most reliable sources of info when it comes to updates on video games but that goes doubly so for anyone working for Rockstar Games, which is said to have stricter NDA contracts than even a company like Marvel.

This is according to voice actor Roger Clark, who plays protagonist Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2, another Rockstar game.

Appearing on GLHF’s Game & Fortune podcastClark related an anecdote involving his co-star Benjamin Byron Davis (who voices Dutch van der Linde) and Marvel actor Chris Pratt.

‘Ben is friends with Chris Pratt. They are buddies, and have been for decades,’ explains Clark. ‘Well, apparently when everything was done and dusted and Red Dead 2 was out, Ben compared NDAs with Chris Pratt and Rockstar’s NDA was more strict than Marvel’s.’

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Considering how secretive Marvel, and by extension Disney, can be with their MCU movies (to the point where plot details are sometimes kept from the actors even during filming), it’s no wonder then that any actor involved with GTA 6 is keeping their mouth shut.

Obviously, the exact details of Rockstar’s NDAs aren’t known but if they’re as strict as Clark implies, it’s likely that even so much as a whisper about GTA 6 could get the voice actor into serious legal trouble.

As such, you should maybe not put much stock in the theory that one Bryan Zampella is voicing GTA 6’s main character. He’s never explicitly said as such, but he’s not denied it either and seems to be happy to imply the theory is correct.

Given what Clark has said, though, that seems very unlikely, unless Zampella’s vague comments and strange videos are officially sanctioned by Rockstar – which he’s never given any indication they are.

While Rockstar was always secretive it’s no doubt even more careful about keeping details secret after last year’s hacking incident, which saw a lot of confidential information leak online – but still nothing about a release date.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – if GTA 6 is taking this long, any new Red Dead Redemption must be even further off (Picture: Rockstar)

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