GTA 6 with a new teaser was noticed and impressed fans Latest

New teaser for the future game GTA 6 from Rockstar Games, which is expected by numerous gamers, was noticed online and impressed fans.

Fans waiting for any hint about Grand Theft Auto 6 are jumping at any opportunity to learn something new about the game. This time, fans turned their attention to a new teaser for GTA VI, left by the developers from Rockstar. It is worth noting that GTA V recently celebrated its 10th anniversary since its release. In this regard, the authors released several congratulations to fans, but did not announce the GTA 6 game, as many gamers had hoped. However, in one of the new developer posts, attentive fans saw a teaser hinting at Grand Theft Auto 6.

GTA 6 with a new teaser was noticed and impressed fans

In one of the posts on the social network, Rockstar posted a poster for the game GTA Online, which turned out to be a remade poster for the game GTA V with Trevor, Franklin and Michael. In the background of the original poster, a plane is visible flying over the main characters. In the new poster, the plane ended up in a different place and slightly changed its direction. As it turns out, the plane is now flying towards a telephone pole, which resembles the Roman numeral 6, that is, VI. Fans waiting for any news on GTA VI took the authors’ new post as a hint at the sixth part.

It is worth noting that netizens were divided in their views on the new find related to GTA 6. Some noted that the new frame clearly hints at the game Grand Theft Auto 6, although it is not known what exactly the developers are pointing at. At the announcement, the first trailer, or simply they show that the game exists. Other netizens said that some fans are just coming up with “conspiracy theories” and looking for signs where there are none. The third group of users suggested that Rockstar was simply making fun of the fans in this way.

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GTA 6 has not yet been fully announced. Many fans hope that the first trailer will be shown before the end of 2023. At the same time, the release of GTA VI, according to various leaks and hints, may take place in 2024 or 2025.