GTA 7 will have to wait even longer than GTA 6 – other people will make it Latest

Players have been waiting for the release of GTA 6 for more than 10 years, but the release of the next part of the series will have to wait even longer. Blogger LegacyKillaHD spoke about this on his social networks.

According to him, GTA 7 may not be released for the next 15 years, and, most likely, it will be created by a new generation of developers. Many current Rockstar employees are no longer looking forward to working on a new Grand Theft Auto game.

GTA 7 will have to wait even longer than GTA 6; other people will make it

We all joke that we will never see GTA 7 or future new games in the series due to the growing time gaps between releases. But even some Rockstar developers (I know them personally) don’t expect that they will ever work on another game in the series after GTA 6.

LegacyKillaHD, YouTuber

According to rumors, Rockstar will present the debut trailer for GTA 6 on October 26th. A detailed description of the upcoming video announcing the game has even appeared on the Internet.

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