GTA Superfans Are Once Again Preaching the Imminent Reveal of GTA VI Latest

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So far I don’t think there is any other game that hasn’t been released with so much anticipation and hype around it with the little we have seen. The legacy of GTA V will leave such big boots to fill so it is understandable that Rockstar will want to take their time and make the best game possible. This leads to the hype and anticipation around the game, thus creating a cycle where the stakes keep getting and so much is betting on the success of GTA VI.


Now the latest leak comes from 4chan… yeah, we know… where a user says they have watched a new trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI. Of course, many are sceptical about this claim but many of the GTA fans went ballistic, especially the Reddit ones, as there hasn’t been any update since Rockstar announced that its development is “underway” and that was all the way back on February 4th, 2022.

GTA fans have been preaching the next GTA as if it will be the next coming of Jesus for most of a decade since the release and popularity of GTA V. So now all of the fans are clinging to hope that the October 26th trailer will happen like the 4chan user claims.

Rockstar has not said anything about the situation which has come as a surprise to absolutely no one. Other than that there is nothing we can do but wait until October 26th and see if the 4chan user was right. Do you think he was? Please tell us in the comments below. Personally, I think it’s about prime time for something, it has been a while!

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