GTA V Voice Actor Ned Luke Shares a Wholesome Message on GTA Online Completing 10 Glorious Years Latest

GTA Online successfully completed 10 years at the beginning of October. While the world awaits the grand announcement of GTA 6, the fifth installment of Grand Theft Auto celebrates its ten long years of excellence. And who better than one of the protagonists to express gratitude to the GTA community on this social occasion?

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For a title that was released in 2013, constantly being in the top-running streaming charts explains the influence GTA has had over the years. Of course, the hype around GTA 6 is something else, but the majority of its credit goes to the standards set by its predecessor. Undoubtedly, it introduced every gaming fan to a new online format of open-world gaming. Here’s what the lead actor of GTA V had to say on the ten-year success anniversary of GTA online.

“GTA is like nothing we have ever seen”: Ned Luke is proud of his association with the Rockstar Games’ Giant


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In a first, GTA V gave players the opportunity to seamlessly switch between 3 protagonists, each with their own stories. And one of the leads was daddy dearest, Michael.

GTA V Voice Actor Ned Luke Shares a Wholesome Message on GTA Online Completing 10 Glorious Years

The wit and charm Michael had made him one of the coolest characters created in the franchise. And a fair share of this portrayal goes to the talented actor Ned Luke. As the game celebrates the successful decade of its online launch, the actor has a special message for the world of Los Santos.

Something that is lost on many people, fans and critics alike.  The online phenomenon that is GTA is like nothing we have ever seen, and may never see again. While we all wait for the next chapter, it’s pretty cool that we still have this,” wrote Led Nuke responding to an overwhelming fan post.

He also recently shared a TikTok video in celebration of 10 years of GTA V, where he also briefly touched upon GTA 6. He said, “Patience guys. It’ll be worth the wait. Trust me. GTA 5 was worth the wait, GTA 6 is gonna be even more worth the wait.”


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The actor highlighted the revolution the Online version brought to the mainstream industry.

Celebrating the decade-long excellence

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On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, online GTA gamers were also treated with 2X rewards for every loot and activity they completed in the game. Few video games are played for this long; even multiplayer games are no longer played a few years after their release. On the contrary, GTA V is still going strong. Fans can’t stop playing it since it continues getting upgrades or new versions for newer platforms.

The legacy that GTA V leaves behind is nothing less than a magical fairytale. It will be interesting to see how the upcoming Rockstar Games project keeps up with these standards.

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