GTA VI’s online mode would be very similar to Fortnite, according to a well-known insider Latest

The online mode of GTA VI will be one of the most important elements of the next installment and could take the success of Fortnite as a reference.

GTA VI’s online mode would be very similar to Fortnite, according to a well-known insider

GTA VI still does not offer any official news, something that is making all the fans who want to discover what Rockstar Games can do with the next installment of one of the most successful sagas of all time impatient. At the moment, its launch is planned between April 1, 2024 and March 31, 2025, coinciding with Take Two’s next fiscal year. Meanwhile, we have to settle for rumors and alleged leaks, such as the one that suggests that The online mode of the game could somewhat resemble Fortnite.

The information comes from one of the most common and reliable leakers in the sector, Tom Henderson, who has left a hint about how GTA Online will adapt to the arrival of GTA VI. According to his information, “GTA 6’s online mode will change over time, similar to Fortnite seasons, with live events”something that could already be intuited from the rumors that stated that the map of Rockstar’s new proposal would be one of the differential elements compared to or seen in other installments of the saga to date.

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Among other details that Henderson has offered in this leak, highlights the return of Vice City with a map that would not be as big as people imaginewhile there will be several characters, including a hacker. However, Henderson himself affirms that it is necessary to take all this as a rumorsince it comes to you from an unknown source, so you do not know the degree of reliability of said information.

GTA VI aims to be the Rockstar game with the most accessible places

Among all the rumors that keep emerging in relation to GTA VI, there are voices that suggest that The first trailer of the proposal could be released at the end of this yearsomething in which GTA Online would be of great importance. However, other details begin to define its possible open world, highlighting that GTA VI would be the Rockstar video game with the most buildings and accessible places, reaching exceed 150 so fara number that is likely to be expanded.

In this way, the efforts of the North American company continue to focus on GTA VI is the most successful video game of all timeso we will have to wait to find out if the final result meets expectations.

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