Guide on Pre-loading Spiderman 2: Download Size and Launch Times

If you own a PlayStation 5, you must be excited to get your hands on Spiderman 2 as soon as ly becomes available. Therefore, I would highly suggest preloading Spiderman 2 as it is a smart way to avoid long waiting times when the game launches. The good news is Spiderman 2 is now available for preloading on PS5 consoles, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

How to pre-load Spiderman 2 on PlayStation 5 & download size

To preload Spiderman 2 on PlayStation 5, you must pre-order the game from the official PlayStation Store. Once you have pre-ordered the game, you can preload it by following these steps:

  1. Log into your PlayStation 5 and go to your Game Library.
  2. Navigate to the “Your Collection” page.
  3. Click on Marvel’s Spiderman 2.
  4. Select download to begin downloading the title to your PlayStation 5 console.

Spiderman 2 download size is 98GBso preloading is recommended to ensure you’re ready to go once the game unlocks. Also, make sure that your console has enough free storage space to accommodate the game files.

Please note: Preloading is only available if you have pre-ordered the digital copy of the game from the official PlayStation Store.

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Spiderman 2 launch date & time

Spiderman 2 unlocks at 12am ET on October 20, 2023according to the official announcement. However, the exact launch time may vary depending on your region.

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Country Date & Time
South Africa 20/10/23 00:00 SAT
Hong Kong 10/20/23 00:00 HKT
India 20/10/23 00:00 IST
Indonesia 10/20/23 00:00 WIB
Japan 20/10/23 00:00 JST
Korea 20/10/23 00:00 KST
Malaysia 20/10/23 00:00 MYTH
Philippines 20/10/23 00:00 PHST (1)
Singapore 20/10/23 00:00 MYTH
Taiwan 20/10/23 00:00 CST
Thailand 20/10/23 00:00 ICT
Vietnam 20/10/23 00:00 ICT (1)
France 20/10/23 00:00 CEST
Germany 20/10/23 00:00 CEST
Italy 20/10/23 00:00 CEST
Spain 20/10/23 00:00 CEST
United Kingdom 20/10/23 00:00 BST
Saudi Arabia 20/10/23 00:00 AST
Canada 20/10/23 00:00 EDT
United States 20/10/23 00:00 EDT
Australia 19/10/23 23:00 AEST

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