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Nature Remo nano

Marshall ACTON II

The smart remote control “Nature Remo nano”, which is recommended for people who are just starting to build a smart home, is also available at the lowest price this year. Compatible with the new smart home standard “Matter”, it allows voice control in conjunction with Amazon Echo and home appliances from Apple’s “Home” app.

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Marshall has been releasing products other than amplifiers since 2012. The ACTON II, the smallest among wireless speakers, has three built-in Class D amplifiers that control dual tweeters and a subwoofer, providing dynamic sound. Knobs for adjusting volume, bass, and treble are placed on the top of the main unit, allowing you to intuitively change the sound quality, and you can also equalize the sound to your preference using a dedicated app.

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Kalita coffee dripper SG 102

“Venice Pro” is a popular series from “GREENPAN” from Belgium, which is famous for ceramic-coated cookware that does not use chemicals that affect the human body or the environment. This frying pan is coated with Thermolon, a mineral similar to sand, and has diamond particles with high thermal conductivity kneaded into the ceramic.

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Kalita is a coffee equipment manufacturer founded in Nihonbashi, Tokyo in 1958. The coffee dripper from the ceramic item series “HASAMI&Kalita” was born when Kalita and “HASAMI”, a local brand from Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture, known for its Hasami ware, met.After being unglazed fired, the entire body is glazed with black glaze, and only the top is coated with a different glaze. It is popular for its tasteful and tasteful design, which is colored by dripping.

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EcoFlow WAVE 2 battery pack

EcoFlow has a powerful cooling capacity for a portable air conditioner, and can also be used as a heater in the winter.「WAVE 2」. Although more expensive than most window air conditioners, it’s great for off-grid use with solar panels and an external battery.

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6. Recommended featured products that appeared on Amazon Prime Day 2022

Furthermore, if you check out the article that picked out the featured products from last year’s Amazon Prime Day, you’ll be fully prepared to choose the items you want. This list includes products that have already undergone model changes, so please check carefully. (*Prices listed are from the previous sale)

Great deals on Echo Buds, Fire TV Stick, and the latest Kindle. Recommended Amazon devices to aim for on Amazon Prime Day

BOSE, Sennheiser, and JBL are also great deals. Recommended audio products to get on Amazon Prime Day

From Apple Watch Series 7, Chromebooks, smartphones and monitors. Recommended gadgets you can get on Amazon Prime Day

Roomba robot vacuum cleaners and organic EL TVs are also on sale! Recommended home appliances for Amazon Prime Day

You can buy it on Amazon Prime Day! Products that “WIRED” Japanese version staff were “very satisfied with”

What will you buy on Amazon Prime Day this year? Products selected by “WIRED” Japanese version staff

Standing desk, cable holder, work chair.Recommended Amazon Prime Day products to streamline your work from home

Beats wireless earphones, GoPro, and Jackery are also on sale.Recommended gadgets for Amazon Prime Day that are still attracting attention

Great prices on tents, stoves, and lanterns. Camping gear you should aim for on Amazon Prime Day

7. Check out WIRED SHOPPING GUIDE which introduces recommended items in a wide range of categories

In addition to Amazon Prime Day and time sales, “WIRED.jp” introduces a wide range of items that we can confidently recommend, from the latest gadgets to kitchen goods and outdoor goods, in “WIRED SHOPPING GUIDE”. If you want to shop efficiently, please check it out.


*Click here for related articles on Amazon Prime Day by “WIRED”.

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