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High on Life has been a huge success since its first release on Xbox Game Pass, but will PlayStation fans be able to watch the potty-mouthed FPS? Here’s everything you need to know about High on Life, which will be released on PS5 and PS4.

Since the audacious shooter squeaked its way onto Game Pass last December, Xbox players have been blasting their way through High on Life. However, while Xbox and PC gamers have been busy tracking down every weapon and cracking into every Luglox chest, PlayStation users have been left out in the cold thus far. Is High on Life, however, coming to Sony platforms?

If you’re curious about a PS5 or PS4 edition of High on Life, we’ve got all the information you need right here.

High on Life PS5

The PS4 and PS5 versions of High on Life came out on July 22, 2023, which is good news for PlayStation players. In other words, PlayStation users can now enjoy the chaos of the Rick and Morty team’s newest work.

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It was said that High on Life was an “Xbox launch exclusive,” but the company that made it, Squanch Games, is not a Microsoft-owned studio. This means that the company will be able to put out versions of the game for PS5 and PS4 in the future after its deal with Xbox ends.

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Similar things have happened before, where a big game came out on one platform before it came out on the others. One example is Deathloop, which was only available on PlayStation at first but then made its way to Xbox around a year later. This put it back in the news and made a lot of noise for a few more weeks.

High on Life PS5 Features

The PS5 version of High on Life has a lot of improvements, such as:

  • Better graphics: On the PS5, the game runs at a higher quality and frame rate, and the lighting and textures are better.
  • A lot faster loading times: The game loads a lot faster on the PS5, thanks to its SSD.
  • Support for DualSense: The game makes the experience more realistic by using the haptic input and adaptive triggers of the DualSense controller.

What is the High on Life Game About?

High on Life is a crazy, funny, and exciting action game for PS5. In the sci-fi world of High on Life, an alien gang has come to Earth to get high off of human meat. People who play as bounty hunters have to work together with a talking gun to save everyone.

The game has many different guns, and each one has its own attitude and set of skills. The Gatlian is a Gatling gun that talks like a surfer, and the Knifey is a knife that talks like a Sgt. Pepper. There are also many interesting people to meet, such as the mechanic sister of the bounty hunter and the talking gun alien boss of the bounty hunter.

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The show High on Life is known for its silly fun and unique art style. People who review games like how creative, well-written, and fun the game is to play.

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Should You Buy High on Life For PS5?

If you like first-person shooters, comedic games, or both, you should definitely get High on Life for PS5. There’s no doubt that the game will keep you busy for hours on end.

Conclusion: From Xbox exclusivity to PlayStation, “High on Life” has been a wild voyage. PlayStation fans may now explore its distinct, humorous world on PS4 and PS5 on July 22, 2023. The game offers a streamlined, engaging experience with improved visuals, SSD loading speeds, and DualSense controller haptic feedback. With comedy, action, and unique characters and weapons, the story is a gripping adventure that fits the title’s fun tone. For first-person shooters and laughs, “High on Life” for PS5 is a must-have, offering hours of thrilling action and laughs.

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