How much will GTA 6 cost? Rumors about the price of Rockstar’s new game Latest

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According to information provided by Niche Gamer, GTA 6 will cost as much as $150., which, taking into account the current US dollar exchange rate, is approximately PLN 642. This is not a small amount, even if it is we will take into account the premiere prices of new games amounting to over PLN 300 in the basic version — regardless of whether we’re talking about a digital or physical edition.

Niche Gamer did not provide the source of this information points out that this is just a rumor, and both Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive did not comment on these revelations. Both companies do not provide much news about GTA 6 and all we really know is that the game is being developed, but what its shape will be and what it will offer are open questions. The very idea of ​​pricing GTA 6 at $150. However, it does not seem so detached from reality.

Mainly because The launch prices of games are already very high and this applies to all platforms — consoles and PC. Collector’s editions have also become more expensive, and various special editions can cost a fortune. A good example here is Starfield, whose special edition (Starfield: Constellation Edition) costs $299, and in Polish stores you have to pay PLN 1,399,000 for this version. zloty. By choosing this variant, we get a whole lot of special add-ons (digital and physical), the game itself and early access to it.

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How much will GTA 6 cost?  Rumors about the price of Rockstar’s new game

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This last aspect is becoming more and more popular among large publishers (it was widely reported, among others, on the occasion of the release of Diablo IV) who They force us to pay extra money so that we can play a given game a few days earlier. On the one hand, no one is forcing anyone to pay extra, and the game itself will be available to everyone at a later date.

But it turns out that players have no problem paying several dozen zlotys for this type of add-ons, so the vision of GTA 6, which costs $150 with several digital add-ons and early access to the game, is most likely. Additionally, you will be able to buy a standard, cheaper version.

Of course, these are just speculations and unconfirmed information, and everything will become clear in the more or less distant future. For now, we have to wait for further news about GTA 6.

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