How to acquire technology components in Spider-Man 2

Amid all the different tokens, memories, and photo-ops you need to collect in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the one material that is both the most common and most necessary is Tech Parts. With the exception of your abilities, which only require skill points you earn by leveling up, essentially everything you can unlock or upgrade in the game will cost Tech Parts alongside one other material. You might think you will never run low early on when you start getting them in batches of over 100 at a time, but once you start unlocking all the slick new suits and styles and gadgets you want to upgrade, you’ll realize just how desperate you are to get more. Your spider-sense can’t help you with this one, so here are the best ways you can get Tech Parts in Spider-Man 2.

Best ways to get Tech Parts

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Tech Parts are the most basic upgrade component in Spider-Man 2and the city is full of them. But you’re better off using these methods to get them rather than others.

The most lucrative source of Tech Parts are the FNSM requests. These are small sidequests that are sent to you through the FNSM app and will appear on your map. Each one rewards you with 250 Tech Parts, which is the highest amount you can get for a single task. They don’t take long to do, and more unlock as you progress the main story.

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Two other options with slightly lower payouts are Hunter Blinds and EMF experiments, which are worth 150 and 140 Tech Parts, respectively. The former are more combat-oriented, while the latter are simple puzzles, so pick your poison based on which you find more fun or can do faster.

The last two decent sources are not reliable, but are worth being on the lookout for as you swing from place to place in the open world. They are tech stashes and Spider-bots. Neither of these is marked on your map, so you need to keep an eye out for a blue glow for the stashes or purple pulsing orb for the bots. Stashes just need to be popped open to get a small amount of free parts, usually around 45 to 70 or so. With Spider-bots, you just need to spot and get close enough to zip to them to collect for 100 parts.

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