How to Replay Missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Players who own a PlayStation 5 have recently been blessed with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This game was released on October 20, 2023, as a PS5 exclusive title. Well, since this is a platform-exclusive title, the chances of the game coming to other platforms are slim for now, but not for long. Just like any Spider-Man game, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 also features a bunch of quests or missions that you need to complete to progress. Well, due to the game’s intricate storyline, you might think of completing a mission in a different way than the usual one. If that’s the case, you should be wondering how to replay missions. But is it even possible in the game? Consider reading to find out.

The replay mission is a must-have option that many game developers implement in their games. With this feature, you can rerun a mission and avoid making the mistakes you made during the first try. This can even result in better EXP rewards. By now, almost all AAA single-player games offer this feature, but does Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 offer the same?

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How to Replay Missions?

How to Replay Missions in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Unfortunately, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 doesn’t offer players the ability to replay missions after completing them, as of now. Its predecessor also didn’t have this feature, so it’s an ongoing trend at this point. Some players may find it disappointing, but you know what? It’s all part of the plan. How? Continue reading.

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When will Spider-Man 2 add a replay mission?

There is no estimated date, but fortunately, we found something interesting. James Stevenson, the director of marketing for Insomniac Games, has shed some light on this topic. @Bojo214 asked on Twitter/X whether Spider-Man 2 will have the new game plus mode and replay mission feature by launch. In regards to that, James replied with the following statement:

“No – we’re working on an update for those features but they won’t be on Day 1”

He’s saying that there will be no such thing from day one. But they are working on an update that will bring these in the future. When will the update come? Only time can tell, but for now, all we can do is wait. Also, James did say that the New Game+ mode will be implemented before the end of this year.

How to Replay Missions in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Is there any workaround to replay a mission?

Well, there is, but this isn’t technically a workaround. To replay a mission, you will have to start a new journey from scratch or reload a save that doesn’t have the particular mission marked as complete. Both of these workarounds will cause you to lose precious game progress, so it is better to avoid doing so for now. However, if you have completed the game once, then you can surely start a new run and replay those missions that you think you could’ve done in a more efficient way.

Anyway, this was our complete guide on whether you can replay missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. For now, all you can do is wait for the developers to implement this feature in the game. That said, we hope you find this guide informative. If you did, make sure to follow Android Gram for more. Also read: Spiderman Remastered PC Low FPS & Stuttering Issues: How to fix it?

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