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© Reuters. Florida Joker Now Wants To Voice GTA 6 After Legal Threats: ‘I’m The Reason The Game Is So Hype’

Benzinga – by Franca Quarneti, Benzinga Staff Writer.

In the latest development surrounding Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.‘s (NASDAQ: TTWO) much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6, Lawrence Sullivan — also known as the Florida Joker — has shifted his stance from threatening legal action against Rockstar Games to expressing a desire to voice the character in question.

Sullivan, whose resemblance to the character in the GTA 6 trailer garnered significant attention, has now taken to TikTok to address Rockstar directly: “I’m not suing y’all no more, but y’all still out your goddamn nuggets.”

He then urged Rockstar to acknowledge his role in promoting the game: “Let’s do what’s right. Show me like $50,000, $100,000. Let me voice the character, let me go to the meet-and-greets when the game is released, sign, take pictures with the fans.”

Sullivan continued his address to Rockstar with a confident assertion: “Come on man, we make worldwide news, every blog. Every news outlet covered me on the game. Everyone knows who I am, trust me. So GTA, Rockstar, we gotta talk.”

However, he followed up with what many consider to be a bold claim: “I’m making the game more relevant. People want to play it. I’m the reason the game is so hype right now.”

Benzinga reached out to Take-Two for comment but had not heard back from the company at the time of writing.

Sullivan’s change of heart comes after demanding substantial compensation from Rockstar, initially seeking millions of dollars.

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Despite his efforts, industry experts remain skeptical about the likelihood of Rockstar engaging with Sullivan’s demands.

For example, Roger Clark — the voice actor behind Red Dead Redemption 2’s protagonist — has previously warned Sullivan against taking on Rockstar, citing the company’s legal prowess and history of handling such disputes.

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