Impatient for GTA 6, Rockstar fans are searching the Moon for clues, and if they’re right, there may be news on the way Latest

It is understandable that the hardcore GTA fans are a little desperate to find out more about the next installment of the saga. Grand Theft Auto 6 promises to be one of the most important video games of this generation, and the secrecy of Rockstar It is leaving more than one person climbing the walls. Now, some company publications they have made the imagination fly one of the most curious, who have begun to investigate the lunar phases to decipher when we will have more news about it.

It all starts with a tweet, as usually happens in these cases. Celebrating the Autumn Festival—also known as the Moon Festival—, Rockstar made a post to announce gifts in GTA Online. The accompanying photo showed the iconic Vinewood sign and two characters, and this is where people started to let their imagination run wild. Some, yes, more than others.

The Moon can give us clues about GTA 6

As you can see in the image, if you look at the far left of it, the two letters that se ven son V e I, which together make the Roman numeral VI, or 6. Up to this point everything sounds more or less simple, but it is when we examine the satellite par excellence of our planet where things get complicated. The Moon that stars in the festival, according to some people, may be part of this (supposed) riddle.

“It’s a shrinking gibbous,” he says. Dirty_Wonka and Twitter. “The Moon re-enters that phase on October 2 and again on November 1. Could it be that this latest tweet not only references GTA VI, but also points towards the next new announcement?”, he says. This last one sounds taken with a grain of salt, but we must take into account other leaks about the new game of la saga Grand Theft Auto.

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Just a week ago, my colleague Marcos wrote about the possible publication date of new information in this regard. pointing this to October 26, the accounts are not exact, but they do arrive a week apart. Still, that discrepancy is what makes me rather skeptical. I recommend you do the same and not bet all your cards on the phases of the Moon. Will we have more news about the new GTA In the next weeks?

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