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Endo: Also, in terms of design, isn’t it just a landscape? I didn’t even say “It’s sunny” or “It’s raining” in writing. In other words, we don’t ask the user to do something, look at something, or understand what we want them to do. If this way of communicating information becomes mainstream, I think it will significantly reduce the stress that users face when computing in front of them every day.

Speaking from personal experience, I think we are finally in an era where we can effectively utilize the data visualization that we have developed at Yahoo. For example, this weather data is the same. I believe that all kinds of data can be made into something that can be visually communicated.

(Cut-in by MESON director Atsushi Harashima, who was in charge of SunnyTune’s sound)

Harashima:Also, we were very particular about the spatial acoustics, and we actually blended about 20 types of sounds, from the air to the sounds of plants and trees. It feels like there’s a lot of depth acoustically, and we’re very particular about the gimmicks, like the sound of the earth in the distance, and the sounds of plants coming closer.

Matsushima: There is a possibility that you will become absorbed in this and not work anymore. (lol)

Harashima:In order to be comfortable while working, we make the sounds that are comfortable for humans a little louder, and cut out the high-pitched sounds that we don’t like, so that we can create a sound that makes us feel at ease.

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Matsushima:This is really comforting.

(Check the world’s weather online)

Kobayashi:It’s raining in Jakarta, so let’s go to Jakarta.

Matsushima: There was the sound of rain.

Kobayashi: It might be a little rainy. I think you can probably see it in the video, but it’s a light rain, so it looks like it’s falling intermittently.


Endo:For the production, we have heavy rain and thunder, but they don’t come across very often. (lol)

Kobayashi:The other day, when it snowed in Tokyo, I watched it here.

Matsushima: Even in such weather, I’m happy. (lol)

Endo:Also, if you go to a very cold place, polar bears will appear. (lol)

(moved to Moscow)

Matsushima: Polar bear is cute. By the way, what are Everyware’s plans for the future?

Kobayashi:I’m thinking about it right now, but I’m thinking about which area I should attack in, and I’ve decided that it will be lifestyle, so I’m thinking about how to focus on the lifestyle of ordinary people in their living spaces. What is more pleasing to look at and what is more convenient to use?

Matsushima:It’s interesting to think about what people will want in the future when they won’t have to wear clothes. Up until now, SNS has been more of a necessity.