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The success of Intel’s new plan is not only important for the company, but also represents great hope for the entire U.S. technology industry, the world leader in AI and semiconductors, and the U.S. government.

At the Intel event, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Lemond also spoke, comparing the current state of the U.S. government’s emphasis on revitalizing the semiconductor industry to the space race of the 1960s. “The United States is too reliant on several Asian countries for life-saving medical equipment, automobiles, and all manner of technology components. This fact suggests that we must once again manufacture more semiconductors.” says Lemond.

What Intel’s comeback means for national security

Intel’s new foundry strategy includes disclosing the division’s financials to show investors how the business is operating. “We’re not rebuilding one company; we’re creating two vibrant new organizations,” Gelsinger says.

An employee holds a wafer made with Foveros 3D packaging technology at an Intel factory in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Photograph: Intel Corporation

What Intel needs now is to increase the number of customers who will entrust the future of Intel’s business to them. Some semiconductor industry insiders believe Intel’s foundry reform plan has a better chance of success than previous attempts to revive the company.

“Before Pat, Intel had no understanding of the foundry market,” said Dan Hutchison, a veteran semiconductor industry analyst at TechInsights. “Things are steadily improving. Our messages are getting more targeted and we’re gaining more customers. This proves that Intel is on the right track.”

Gelsinger became Intel’s CEO in 2021. At the time, Inter were on the decline after making some big mistakes. Gelsinger promised an aggressive comeback plan to develop more competitive in-house chips while also regaining its engineering edge in manufacturing and offering it to other companies.

According to TechInsights’ Hutchison, Intel’s biggest strengths are its advanced packaging capabilities, which turn freshly cut chips into production-grade components, its reliable supply lines, and its ability to provide customers with greater peace of mind in an uncertain world. The company says it will be able to provide other solutions related to chip manufacturing. “Intel’s biggest point of differentiation is that it is a strategic alternative to TSMC,” Hutchison points out.

Intel’s decline has raised concerns in the US national security establishment. The reason for this is the importance of computer chips and the extraordinary potential of AI. And China’s technological ambitions and the potentially vulnerable location of most of TSMC’s factories in Taiwan raised concerns that the world’s best semiconductors could be cut off from the United States. be.

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