Introducing the Stylish Brooklyn 2099 & Kumo Suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is already one week away from launching on PlayStation 5 (PS5), so Insomniac Games is celebrating by revealing new suits for Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Peter’s Kumo Suit and Miles’ Brooklyn 2099 Suit were both revealed online as part of New York Comic-Con 2023.

Each suit gives the sequel’s two protagonists some interesting new threads to work with. For starters, the Brooklyn 2099 Suit gives Miles a sleek, metallic design with solid black coating and red accents. It’s a bit more intimidating than some of the heroes’ other outfits, making it that much more enticing for players who were hoping Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 would give players some variety when it comes to customization. The Kumo Suit, on the other hand, also sports a shinier look for Peter, though it also features some fantastic tiny details. Take a closer look at Peter’s arms and you’ll notice some tattoo-like sleeves, creepy spider eyes, and two gnarly-looking teeth.

It’s no surprise to see Insomniac pulling out all the stops regarding suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The original 2018 New York superhero adventure game and its slightly smaller 2020 follow-up offer their own closets of stellar gear to try on. However, for the sequel, the studio has confirmed fans will get to unlock and try on more than 65 different suits. This gets even crazier when you consider that these outfits have multiple styles, resulting in more than 200 variants in total. Even if the game somehow manages to be horrible (it probably won’t be), we can at least rest assured that swinging around New York City will never look stale.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 comes to PS5 next week on October 20. For more information on how it will weave in major players like Venom, Kraven the Hunter, and the Lizard, be sure to stay tuned for updates.

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